Jackie Goldschneider shares supposed reason for end of Margaret Josephs friendship.
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Jackie Goldschneider Claims To Reveal True Catalyst for Demise of Margaret Josephs Friendship

Jackie Goldschneider and Margaret Josephs are at odds during the current season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest episodes, it would appear the reason behind their beef had to do with Jackie’s budding friendship with Teresa Giudice. But now that Jackie is mentioning it all, we’ve learned it had nothing to do with that.

Did Margaret want Jackie to quit RHONJ for her?

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In an interview with Page Six, Jackie told the outlet that her fallout with Margaret began because she wouldn’t quit the show for her. “Margaret wanted, if [Luis Ruelas] was coming back to the show, she didn’t want me and Jenn Fessler to come back to the show,” she said. “She wanted to leave, and she wanted all of us to leave together.”

Jackie continued, saying Jenn Fessler was willing to quit; however, she was not. “‘I love you,'” Jackie told her. “But I’m not leaving my job because you don’t like somebody.'”

“I think that started everything.”

The author said Margaret and their co-stars thought they could shoot the show without Teresa. “I think she also was looking at it a little bit as a game, you know, or a competition show,” she said. “Less of a friend group and more of a competition show where, ‘If I get enough people onto my side, I’ll win.’ So I think that also contributed to the disconnect this season, unfortunately.”

Jackie is also fighting with Melissa Gorga

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Before the beginning of the season, Jackie and Melissa Gorga confirmed that they were going through a rough period in their friendship. In an earlier interview, MelGo said they aren’t beefing hardcore, but they’re not in the same place as before.

“I think we drifted apart of little bit, but it had nothing to do with anything other than Jackie just had a change of heart on a bunch of different things and feelings. Jackie and I aren’t completely not speaking,” Melissa explained, “but we’re definitely not where we were.”

Margaret also discussed her relationship with Jackie, saying the latter “disappointed” her this season. “If it’s not happening on Instagram for her, it’s not happening in real life – and Instagram’s not real life.”

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