Billie Lee vs. Tom Sandoval’s Girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson, Feud Explained

Tom Sandoval and his girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson, who is feuding with Billie Lee
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Over a year after Scandoval, Tom Sandoval is still causing major drama and feuds. This time, it’s between Sandoval’s Vanderpump Rules co-star, Billie Lee, and his new girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson (who hasn’t appeared on VPR … yet). And no, the fight does not appear to be over their shared middle name. Meanwhile, Sandoval is off in Scotland filming The Traitors Season 3 as this all unfolds.

Within the first 24 hours alone, there were too many accusations and clapbacks to count. The she said/she said feud didn’t get any easier to follow in the days since. How did the feud start? Who else is getting involved? And has anyone checked on Scheana Shay?

How did Billie Lee and Sandoval’s girlfriend Victoria start feuding?

After Tom’s Watch What Happens Live appearance in May, he and Victoria unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, they put break up speculation to rest by refollowing each other the next day. But at the same time, fans realized that Billie also unfollowed them.

Jo Wenberg later confirmed Billie and Sandoval’s friendship was over. Jo said that Billie had to set a boundary which led to the falling out. On a post from breakingtherulespodclips, Victoria commented, “Billie didn’t set a boundary,” punctuated by laughing emojis. According to a text she later sent to Kyle Chan, this comment pushed Billie to fight back.

Billie Lee spills some tea

On June 6, Billie had Jo guest on her podcast, Billie and the Kid. The VPR stars discussed Tom and Victoria’s “toxic” relationship. Apparently, they fight constantly, and Victoria was paranoid that Tom would cheat on her with Billie. At one point, Billie attempted an intervention. Ultimately, she said the relationship was too toxic to be around, which made her distance herself from Tom.

Insisting Victoria is a bad influence on Tom, Billie claimed, “when he met Victoria, he started drinking again. And I noticed a lot of alarming things … the house was a mess all the time. There were drugs laying around everywhere.” The podcast host repeatedly mentioned Victoria slurring her words. She also blamed the model for Tom sleeping until 5 p.m. and missing out on job opportunities. Finally, Billie accused Victoria of moving Ariana Madix’s stuff.

In response, Victoria vehemently denied moving Ariana’s things. She slammed the podcast as “outrageous lies” and promised to share her truth. Soon enough, Victoria made her own podcast appearance, along with a special guest.

Victoria fires back

The following day, Victoria and Kyle Chan appeared on Up and Adam. Making things messier, Billie left comments in the live chat. Victoria defended her relationship with Tom throughout the interview. She said the couple’s fights were caused by “possessive” Billie trying to “isolate” Tom.

At one point, Victoria got emotional, saying, “I’m getting messages that I’m a drug addict which I’m not.” She claimed that, if she does slur her words, it’s due to an injury from a car accident.

While Victoria was the subject of Billie’s podcast, Kyle did most of the talking in the follow up. The jewelry designer downplayed concerns about Tom’s drinking, and said he’d never do drugs in the house. According to Kyle, Billie called him one day, and made the same accusations against Victoria that she shared on her podcast. Kyle put this call on speakerphone for Victoria and Tom to hear.

Kyle made some comments and allegations about Billie that, frankly, didn’t seem relevant to the Victoria feud. For instance, he shared that Billie asked Tom to be her sperm donor. In the live chat, Billie confirmed this, and said it happened back when he was still with Ariana.

But on a very serious note, Kyle showed a text from Billie which read, “[Victoria] literally said you were fake and in love with Tom and drugged him.” However, Victoria alleged that Billie was the one who said this. And that there’s proof of it on one of Tom’s cameras.

Sandoval breaks his silence on Billie Lee feuding with his girlfriend – but is it really him?

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The ladies fought back and forth on social media for days. Billie promised to share more tea on her comedy tour. Naturally, Victoria accused Billie of using her to stay relevant. Eventually, the man at the center of the feud chimed in.

Many assumed that, because of filming The Traitors, Tom wouldn’t respond right away. On June 9, however, he addressed the feud via Instagram Stories. Tom alleged that Billie made “false claims” against Victoria and Kyle to “damage our friendships and relationships”.

Tom continued, “Victoria, Kyle, and I all heard her on speaker phone while she made those accusations. They were designed to isolate me from my close friends for ulterior motives. It is not a coincidence that she is doing this while I am out of the country and she is on tour. I will be addressing everything when I am back.”

On her own IG, Billie theorized Victoria wrote this statement. It would make sense; Traitors cast don’t typically have access to their socials when filming.

How did the VPR cast respond?

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Amidst all the back-and-forth allegations, fans noticed that Tom Schwartz unfollowed Victoria on Instagram. Meanwhile, Katie Maloney commented on a screenshot of Sandoval’s statement, posted by fan account glorifiedgossipgirl. She wrote, “Tom the truth teller. lol this sh*t is exhausting.” As for Ariana, well, she’s too busy gearing up to host Love Island USA in Fiji.

Why aren’t they angrier at Sandoval?

Tom Sandoval, whose new girlfriend Victoria Lee Robinson is locked in a feud with his former friend Billie Lee
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A frustrating pattern of Scandoval-related drama is that it keeps leading to feuds between women. Recently, Scheana and Lala Kent were named the biggest villains of Season 11, while Sandoval skirted responsibility. And now, Billie and Victoria are blaming each other for Tom’s problems.

While this is going on, Tom gets to film one of the hottest reality shows. There’s a common denominator here, and it’s frustrating to see him get away with it.