Brittany Cartwright speaks on feud with Lala Kent.
Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

Brittany Cartwright ‘Taken Back’ by Lala Kent’s Babysitter Fury

Apparently, Brittany Cartwright and her former Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent are in a feud … over a babysitter. How times have changed.

The Valley star claimed she was “kind of thrown” when Lala mentioned the subject during the May Pump Rules reunion. “I didn’t know that she was gonna talk about that,” Britt said. She and Lala had already made up and apologized to each other long before the reunion aired.

“We were completely fine, everything was good,” the Kentucky native added. “So I was … like, ‘Why is this being talked about at the reunion?’”

Nanny nonsense

On the June 7 episode of her When Reality Hits podcast, Britt added that she was “taken [a]back” by Lala’s comments. “I didn’t really understand and I still don’t really understand that part, but I do love Lala.”

Unlike many of her current and past co-stars, the Jax’s Studio City owner resisted the temptation to clap back. She kept her response “short and sweet,” just like Brittany.

It all began when Brittany messaged Lala’s mom, Lisa Burningham, on the day Lala revealed the sex of her second baby. The Utah native was incensed at Britt for behaving “so f*cking out of pocket.”

“Do not text my mother the day that I find out that we’re having a baby girl and say, ‘Did you really hire our nanny without our permission?’” Lala flamed. “Had it not been Brittany, my mom would have slapped this ho the next time she saw her … Are you joking?”

The VPR alum apologetically explained her angry text with the excuse that her now-estranged husband Jax Taylor had been “yelling” at her.

“Well, then you need to have Jax call me so I can eat him alive instead,” Lala responded.

Brittany explains it all

After admitting that she made a “mistake” when she sent the original text, Cruz’s mom felt her message was a “nice” one. “I would never be rude or mean to anybody,” she explained. “My mistake was writing the message on that day. I shouldn’t have done that. I apologized immediately for that.”

“It took us a long time to find somebody that we trusted with Cruz,” Britt continued. “He needs certain people that are constant in his life … That’s why it was important to me. It’s not because of any other thing. If I would’ve known or [been] asked, I would’ve been like, ‘Yes, of course, go for it. Use her for the day!’ It was just more of the shock value.”

Meanwhile, Britt says she and Lala are “fine,” even though she was “very shocked that it got brought up” at the reunion.

Britt’s going through a separation and Lala’s pregnant, so, understandably, emotions are running high. I hope they can get their friendship back on track since it looks like they’re both going to be single moms and it takes a village.

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