Most Shocking Moments from Billie Lee’s Podcast About Tom Sandoval

Bille Lee dishes on Tom Sandoval during her podcast.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Vanderpump Rules alum Billie Lee is spilling all the tea about her friendship breakup with Tom Sandoval. The Comedian released two episodes about the ordeal on her podcast Billie & the Kid, telling fans Sandoval’s girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson, is to blame.

Sandoval and Billie have been close friends since she joined the VPR cast in Season 6. In fact, she was one of the only cast members to maintain a friendship with him after #Scandoval. They have been through a lot together, so fans were shocked to learn the duo had separated.

Billie caught fans up to speed on her podcast, providing a timeline of the events that led up to them unfollowing each other on social media.

Here are the most shocking moments from the two-part expose on Sandoval and Victoria:

Billie said Sandoval started drinking again when he got with Victoria

In Episode 18, Billie explained that Sandoval’s behavior started to change when he began dating Victoria. When the two first got together, he was sober. The VPR star initially decided to abstain from alcohol to support Rachel Leviss while she was in treatment at The Meadows but according to Billie, his sobriety journey continued after their split.

“Tom was sober for a very long time. When he met Victoria, he started drinking again,” she told listeners. “I noticed a lot of alarming things, especially how the house was a mess all the time, there was drugs laying around everywhere. It was just a very [dark] time.”

She continued to say that Sandoval was “depressed” all the time because he was constantly fighting with his girlfriend.

Fans were surprised to see Billie speak poorly about Victoria, considering her previous statements about the model. In February, she gushed about her friend’s new boo and offered her stamp of approval.

“Victoria literally had those flowers waiting for me [at Sandoval’s house] and the cutest card saying that I’m sorry you had a hard day and I hope this makes you smile,” she told listeners.

I guess a lot can change in four months.

Victoria defended herself in an interview with the popular YouTube account “Up and Adam!” She dispelled Billie’s claims, telling viewers she does not use drugs and they were not “fighting all the time.”

Billie alleges Victoria was paranoid about her and Sandoval’s relationship

In Billie’s first episode about the falling out, she revealed Victoria was worried she was going to sleep with Sandoval. She said the accusation made her feel awkward, telling listeners she didn’t feel comfortable hanging out alone with Sandoval from that point forward.

“That really hurt my feelings,” she shared.

Victoria denied this claim on Up and Adam! She told the host she never thought Sandoval wanted to sleep with Billie.

Billie revealed Victoria was “embarrassed” by Sandoval

Billie said on the podcast that Victoria called her numerous times to talk about wanting to break up with Sandoval.

“She would proceed to tell Josh, which is his cousin and assistant, [and me] that like she’s embarrassed to be with him, she can’t bring him to parties, and she’s used to being with A-list celebrities,” Billie said.

“The conversation was so alarming and upsetting because she literally was making my best friend out to be like a piece of sh*t,” she said.

Billie claimed Sandoval has cheated on Victoria

In Part II of the podcast saga, Billie revealed that Sandoval has not been faithful to Victoria.

“He definitely has already cheated on Victoria several times,” she shared. “I hope she’s not really trusting him because that’s hysterical.”

Billie’s friend Tii, who briefly dated Sandoval during Season 11 of VPR, backed up the claim. She told listeners she was still in contact with Sandoval after he started seeing Victoria.

Sandoval has not publicly responded to this claim.

Sandoval apparently wants a famous girlfriend

The most shocking moment came towards the end of Part II when Billie read texts from Sandoval’s former hookup buddy. The mystery woman said Sandoval was laser-focused on finding a famous girlfriend.

“I should have seen the way Tom is because I remember some really insulting things,” one text read. “Minutes after we had sex one day, he said to me, ‘My next girlfriend has to be more famous than me, I can’t have anybody riding my coattails.” Yikes.

Billie and Tii said that before Victoria entered the picture, Sandoval was open about wanting to date a model.

Sandoval has not responded to Billie’s podcast yet, but we are eager to hear his response.