Stassi Schroeder reveals biggest regret from Pump Rules.
Photo Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Stassi Schroeder Reveals Major Pump Rules Regret

She may have left the series in 2020, but Stassi Schroeder is still an integral part of Vanderpump Rules and its history. The published author put much of her life on camera, including Beau Clark’s proposal to her in 2019.

And the veteran Bravolebrity recently reflected on her legacy during an episode of her podcast, including one major VPR regret.

Stassi regrets one particular outfit that “sucked so bad”

The former reality TV star lamented the outfit she wore while filming Beau’s proposal during a recent episode of her Stassi podcast.

Stassi appeared at Lisa Vanderpump’s abode for an engagement party, with cut-off jean shorts and a polka dot blouse. The duo were already betrothed after Beau proposed at the Hollywood Cemetary mere hours before.

“[My outfit] sucked,” Stassi said. “It sucked so bad. And like, the fact that I was like, I couldn’t even commit to a full side part. It was like one of those, like I either do a middle part or a full side part. It was like one-quarter. That just doesn’t suit my face. And I got engaged with that.”

The Next Level Basic author revealed that she rewatches the scene with her 3-year-old daughter, Hartford, because the little one loves watching her parents getting engaged.

“Fun fact. I had to go back to my apartment after I was proposed to because we had to wait between scenes to then go to Lisa’s and they let me touch up my makeup,” she explained why she wasn’t allowed to change. “But my producer—granted she’s only like, she’s doing what she’s told— would not let me change.”

I’m like, this sucks,” the New York Times bestselling author continued. “Like, I was too happy to like fully fight for it, but I was like, I’m in my apartment. They’re like, ‘We can’t explain it like on camera.’ And you know how Bravo is. Like, Bravo doesn’t like an outfit change unless you see it on camera. So, like if you were to have your sweater on in one scene, they would have to show you taking your sweater off or they’d force you to film a pickup of you taking your sweater off so that they could explain how your sweater all of a sudden wasn’t on.”

Stassi regrets the outfit, and dreams of what she could have changed into had she been allowed. And she acknowledged Bravo’s habits regarding cast outfits.

“So, like I was not allowed to change even though I’m like, ‘I have a closet full of dresses and pretty things that I could wear to my engagement party,’” she explained. “And you’re literally just making me stay in these sweaty jean shorts and this polka-dotted top. Which like, cute, but why did I wear the bow in the front?”

“It’s like every decision that I made with my outfit was the wrong one that day,” Stassi concluded.

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