Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider’s Complicated RHONJ Relationship Explained

Dolores Catania and Jackie Goldschneider's friendship explained.
Photo Credit: Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

As a society, we might not like everyone we encounter. But most of the time, we are told we have to get along with said person. This is currently what is happening on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dolores Catania is usually pretty good about making do with whoever is in the same room as her. While Jackie Goldschneider has a way with words that lets you know you are not her favorite. So, let’s take a dive into this complicated relationship and find out where it all went wrong. 

Let’s start at the very beginning

 Jackie joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey during Season 9. She was a massive fan of the franchise as fans came to learn. The rookie had often waited in line whenever Teresa Giudice had a book signing. So viewers didn’t feel like Jackie was always the most genuine. But she came in with a bang as she quickly ruggled the OG’s feathers. Jackie instantly fought back against Tre’s tyranny and quickly made an enemy. 

On the flip side, Dolores joined in Season 7. She was a perfect match and was introduced as the OG’s friend. For the most part, Dolores has been a loyal sidekick who rarely finds herself inserted into the drama. If anyone, she has tried her best to be the peacekeeper of the group. But every so often, Dolo and Jackie would exchange a few heated words.  

The keg party debacle

The argument seemed to start simple enough: Jennifer Aydin talking smack about Margaret Josephs’ past. Jennifer then threw her ‘friend’ Jackie under the bus, telling Dolo that she witnessed firsthand the Jersey muscle not being a good friend. Instantly, Dolores notes, “She’s questioning our friendship? That’s not a nice person.” Almost on cue, Jackie waltzes over to the group, with Dolores seeing red. 

What then occurs is a back-and-forth, with both of them arguing whose place it was to reveal the information. Dolores tried to one-up by saying Jackie had been “nasty” to Jennifer since she walked onto the show. But Jackie stood her ground. Dolores then states she doesn’t “want to hear it from this.” The term was rude, and Jackie made her stance clear. Dolores then proceeded to get in Jackie’s face to intimidate her. Personally, I have no idea why Dolores felt the need to get in Jackie’s face. I know Dolores would destroy Jackie in a fight, but I appreciate Jackie standing up for herself. I would be livid if someone, especially a friend, referred to me as “this.” 

Who is really the slob?


Dolores has some thoughts on being called a slob by Jackie. #RHONJ #RealityTV #Hayu

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Their most recent interaction was quite odd and revolved around a text message. The two met up while at Melissa Gorga’s housewarming party, but the atmosphere was less than festive. Currently, Jackie is upset that she hasn’t been tagged in a social media post for Dolores’ charity baseball game. Even though the mother of two maintained that it was “a total accident,” Jackie was peeved. 

For a second, I thought Dolores and Jackie were going to be able to work through their seasons-long issues. But Margaret stood on business and sent Dolo some incriminating messages Jackie wrote. One text read, “I definitely think intentional. She’s a f*cking slob, and I hate her.” Without missing a beat, Dolo asked Jackie, “Am I a slob?” The ‘friend of’ tried her best to play down the moment but eventually answered, “‘Slob,’ to me, it’s not a great thing to call somebody, but it’s not that bad. It just means, like, your behavior is mean and stupid and juvenile and petty. That’s what I mean by ‘sloppy.’” I’m pretty sure that is not what slob means, Jackie. 

Dolores has a few choice words

Clearly, Dolores had a copy of the dictionary, which she took to her confessional. The Paterson native noted, “’Slob,’ where I come from, it’s a nasty word. “Getting called a slob from the girl who’s a f*king hot mess almost every day — crying all the time over everything — and I’m the slob? I’m the f*king slob? OK, Jackie.”

I think it’s safe to say that their feud will be everlasting as the damage has been done.