Bri Muller and Gael Cameron talk Below Deck Med tip.
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Bri Muller and Gael Cameron ‘Very Surprised’ by Big Below Deck Med Tip

Who knew that uninspired food and almost losing a charter guest out to sea granted a huge tip? Below Deck Mediterranean stars Bri Muller and Gael Cameron were just as surprised as the rest of us when Captain Sandy Yawn’s bestie, Gigi Fernandez, left a big tip on her way off the super yacht. No one expected a cool twenty-five thousand dollars after the guests complained about the food and there was a major snafu with the water toys. So what exactly went down, and how did Bri and Gael feel about the generous tip?

Bad food and a paddleboard disaster equals a good tip


BelowDeckMed’s Gael Cameron chats about how the guests ended up drifting away on the paddle boards. #WWHL

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Sandy was super excited to have Gigi on her yacht for a second charter. She made it clear to the department heads that Gigi expected nothing but the best. And for some reason, chef Jono Shillingford thought serving seared chicken breast and an Easy Bake Oven cake was top of the line.

Bosun Iain Maclean wasn’t any better. While the guests were out playing on the water toys, he sent Gael on a break. That meant no deckhands were watching the guests. Unfortunately, Nathan Gallagher and one of the charter guests started to drift out to sea on their paddle boards.

Even after all that drama, Gigi still gave the crew a large tip. And needless to say, everyone was shocked. Bri and Gael spilled the tea on the drama, and their thoughts on the tip to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live via TikTok.

Andy asked about the big tip, and Bri noted she was “very surprised.” He then wondered if the food had something to do with their tip being lower than it would have been. 

Bri said, “I actually had no idea that the food was so bad. I thought everything was good. I would go to bed before dessert and I’d be like Jono is killing it. So when I heard someone complain about the food, it was like a shock to me.”

Andy then discussed the water toy debacle. He asked, “How did the charter guest drift away on the paddle board so far, and how was no one watching?” Gael responded, “I think that was a bit of a collaborative effort.” Andy joked, “Collaborative, in not paying attention?”

Gael agreed. Andy added, “Would that not be the deckhands’ job to have eyes on the guests when they’re out on water toys?” Gael responded, “Oh, absolutely. As I said, a collaborative effort.” Eesh. Let’s hope the crew can turn it around on the next charter!

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