Katie Maloney shades Lala Kent after fan backlash.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Katie Maloney Shades Lala Kent for ‘Living in the Comment Section’ After Fan Backlash

During the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion, Lala Kent called out Scheana Shay and James Kennedy for living in the comments, but now, Katie Maloney is throwing this same comment back at LFU. To recap, Lala accused her costars of changing their behaviors, to appease their viewers this season. In turn, Lala stressed that they were “not very honest,” because they stopped speaking about their frustrations on air. Yet, after sitting for a few beats in her own hot seat, karma is now Lala’s boyfriend or so hints Katie.

Backlash will make you, jump jump

On the July 2 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Katie revealed that she and Lala haven’t spoken. But don’t worry, as she’s still got some thoughts on how Lala is currently moving. You see, at the reunion, Lala revealed a private conversation that had transpired between herself and Katie. It was weird, so the host asked Katie if Lala had done this to appease their viewers.

Saying yes in her snarky way, Katie replied “Would you say [she was] living in the comment section?” See? Karma. Katie then fully dove in to explain her response.

“I felt like obviously she [Lala] had been harboring certain feelings and thinking certain things that I didn’t know she had felt. And so she was saving them for the reunion, which I didn’t feel like was super authentic … To sit there and be called an inauthentic person or fake. But meanwhile, I’m sitting next to somebody who I thought I knew and knew very well and was open and honest with, but she had been feeling a certain way about me for a very long time. That was shocking,” Katie stressed.

Katie’s not here for this friendship anymore. “Once you violate my trust like that, it’s very hard to come back from. Trust is the most important thing to me. And when you try to manipulate me with that and use it against me and say we talked about these things …Those weren’t the kind of conversations that were meant for the camera,” Katie ended.

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