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Is Brandi Redmond quitting Real Housewives of Dallas? That’s what fans (and cast members) want to know. She posted the most cryptic Instagram about how she’s choosing happiness.

Kameron Westcott hopes that she stays on the show. And, recently, D’Andra Simmons and Kary Brittingham shared their two cents on Brandi’s confusing social media non-announcement.

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Things took the oddest turn on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. It’s like Brandi Redmond woke up and randomly decided to come for Tiffany Moon about EVERYTHING. It bordered on insanity. First, she thought Tiffany was insinuating she was giving the group random drugs. Why would Tiffany ever do that? There’s no basis to that at all. She’s a doctor, and she was commenting on the difference in the meds. That’s all.

Later at dinner, Brandi took things a step further. She actually said she doesn’t feel like she’s able to be herself around Tiffany. What does that even mean? Are you upset you can’t mock cultures in insensitive online videos? Please explain what else could be derived from that statement? This feels entirely out of thin air. Brandi’s digging the hole deeper and deeper for herself. Maybe she really will be gone for good after this Real Housewives of Dallas season.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Some Real Housewives of Dallas stars think Kary Brittingham is the life of the party. However, Tiffany Moon and D’Andra Simmons probably don’t feel that way. Instead of a “good time,” Kary has been giving them both a hard time.

Kary constantly criticized D’Andra for her hosting abilities during that wine tour she planned for Brandi Redmond’s birthday. And, Tiffany just doesn’t want to be pressured into taking tequila shots constantly. Oh, and Kary pushed Tiffany into a pool even though Tiffany can’t even swim.

Kameron Westcott

Is Brandi Redmond done with Real Housewives of Dallas? She strongly hinted at this when she shared that super cryptic message about “choosing happiness” after sharing her life for five years.

She didn’t explicitly mention the show, but she has been on the show for five years, so that does seem like that’s what she was saying. It was just so strange given the timing of the non-announcement. We are in the middle of Season 5. In fact, they’re still filming confessional interviews and they didn’t even shoot the reunion yet. Is this just Brandi’s way of warning us she won’t be a part of the reunion sit-down? Is she gonna take this back? Or just ride out the season and then officially quit? What is going on?

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Whatever friendship D’Andra Simmons & Kary Brittingham once had seems long gone. This season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has focused a lot on their falling out. The definition of friendship is clearly understood differently by these two women. With the women on vacation in Austin, it should be a fabulous time. However, instead, it’s anything but relaxing.

It’s a birthday trip for Kary, but D’Andra is fed up with her antics. Kary’s decision to eavesdrop outside of D’Andra’s door might’ve been the worst mistake she’s ever made. If you go looking for trouble, eventually you’ll find it. She got exactly what she was asking for by listening in. She was hoping to hear some juicy gossip, and she got a full dose directed at her. Will D’Andra even stay on the trip now that they’re on the outs more than ever?

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There are plenty of feuds between Real Housewives of different franchises. And I am here for it! For example, Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer frequently annoys ladies from other franchises. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs don’t like Ramona.

Margaret doesn’t like the way Ramona treats her fans, and Ramona slammed Dolores’ ex-husband/current roomie Frank Catania. Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac was told to step out of a photo with Ramona.

Dolores Catania Margaret Josephs

When Kary Brittingham joined Real Housewives of Dallas, she was D’Andra Simmons‘ friend, ready to take down LeeAnne Locken. One season later, the tension between Kary and D’Andra just keeps on escalating. Kary thinks D’Andra is a selfish friend.

She also took issue with D’Andra’s skills as a hostess when she planned the wine tour in honor of Brandi Redmond’s birthday. Yeah, that “Captain Brandi” mannequin schtick was very weird and not funny, but at least she was putting in some effort, right? From what we saw, Kary was taking digs at D’Andra’s event the entire time. But, it could have been worse. At least D’Andra didn’t serve up pig feet or force tequila shots down anyone’s throats.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

This past year has been full of some extreme highs and lows for Brandi Redmond. A video resurfaced of her mocking Asians. After that, she checked into a wellness center in the midst of the backlash.

Her mother-in-law died in a car accident. Brandi’s daughter Brinkley was in the car at the time. Thankfully, she survived the action. Last week, Brandi announced the birth of her fourth child, a baby girl. And now she’s done with Real Housewives of Dallas? Or at least that’s what it seems like she’s saying.