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Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

During her first episode on Real Housewives of Dallas, Tiffany Moon confronted Brandi Redmond over the video of her mocking Asians. Soon after, she got into it with Kary Brittingham and Kameron Westcott on the show and on Twitter. Tiffany called out Kary for “hazing” her. She even said that her 6-year-old daughters make better jewelry than Kary does.

Tiffany and Kameron are in a ridiculous feud about eating chicken feet and having centerpieces at a brunch. Tiffany even called out Stephanie Hollman for being nice to her face, but slamming her closet tour during a confessional interview. The only one she hasn’t had an issue with so far is D’Andra Simmons, which makes sense since they knew each other prior to filming.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Congratulations are in order Real Housewives of Dallas OG cast member Brandi Redmond. She and her husband Bryan Redmond have welcomed their fourth child to the family.

They already had two daughters, 11-year-old Brooklyn and and 9-year-old Brinkley, in addition to their son Bruin, who is two years old.

Real Housewives of Dallas recap

During the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 reunion, Brandi Redmond claimed that she was so upset with LeeAnne Locken for her comments about Kary Brittingham’s Mexican heritage that she walked off stage and grabbed a folding chair, demanding that LeeAnne sat there instead because she didn’t want to be on the same couch.

After taping that reunion, a video resurfaced of Brandi mocking Asians, doing what she thought was a “comedic” impression and squinting her eyes. Pot, meet kettle. After that, Brandi received backlash and then she checked into a wellness center. On the show, Brandi told Stephanie Hollman that she had suicidal thoughts as she dealt with the fallout from the scandal. Tiffany Moon, who is Chinese, spoke to Brandi about how the video made her feel on the first day that they met. Talk about setting the tone.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Many Real Housewives of Dallas fans thought the cast would have nothing to talk about LeeAnne Locken’s absence. But, Tiffany Moon has done more than fill that void. She has been confronting every single cast member (except for D’Andra Simmons) in these episodes and on social media.

On the most recent episode, Tiffany wanted to have the women over so they could get to know her better and have fun. She decided to have a pizza party, which sounds good. We all love pizza, right? Well, Tiffany’s pizza party included an end time, which she thought was considerate, but some of them thought it was uptight/rude. She has the women wear shoe covers, which makes sense (to an extent). Who wants an expensive floor to get scuffed up? But, did she really have to yell out for shoe covers as Brandi Redmond rushed to the bathroom to throw up? The party did not go well. Not by a long shot.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Thank you Tiffany Moon for revitalizing The Real Housewives of Dallas. There was a huge hole missing with LeeAnne Locken’s exit. A large portion of the Real Housewives of Dallas cast is either uninformed, trying too hard, or plain unlikable. However, Tiffany is BRINGING it in her freshman season. She has a stellar career. She’s cultured and hilarious. Tiffany doesn’t hold her tongue either. She’s the total package for a Housewife.

Kary Brittingham on the other hand has been insufferable. A lot of this is because of her constant attacks and nitpicking over every little thing. She won’t lay off of D’Andra Simmons, and she’s come for Tiffany as well. While she should probably be focusing on her children’s issues, she’s busy complaining about warm tequila shots. Her priorities are clearly in check this season. How long before D’Andra totally snaps and cuts her out?

Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman has been a longtime housewives darling since the inception of Real Housewives of Dallas. We were introduced to her season one and she’s been enjoyable to watch ever since. She’s funny, quirky, thoughtful and enjoys a good fart joke. Despite being super rich, she also manages to be relatable. Stephanie has openly shared her mental health struggles in a in that so many can identify with. I guess money can’t buy you happiness after all.

Another thing that makes Stephanie so relatable is her experience with motherhood. She has talked about losing some of her identity in raising kids and feeling like she has no other purpose. As much as I would like to roll my eyes, I’m sure it’s not easy to be married to a very successful person and feel like you’re not bringing anything to the table. Sure, she’s raising their kids but she’s admitted openly that she wants more. What stay at home mom can’t relate to that?

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

During Season 4 of Real Housewives of Dallas, the cast members were forced to deal with LeeAnne Locken’s repeated jabs at Kary Brittingham’s Mexican heritage. LeeAnne called Kary “Mexican and strong,” among other derogatory comments. After a bruising reunion, LeeAnne exited the franchise.

Then it was RHOD star Brandi Redmond’s turn to face accusations of racial insensitivity. Brandi made a video where she made fun of Asian people in 2017. In January 2020, a Twitter user posted the video, where Brandi was seen squinting her eyes and speaking in an exaggerated accent.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Leave it to the Real Housewives of Dallas to turn the birthday party into a brawl. Brandi Redmond is trying to have the birthday of a lifetime, but these women cannot stop fighting. Kary Brittingham & D’Andra Simmons have been at odds for weeks, and it’s finally boiling over. The underlying tension is spilling over at the vineyard, and it’s getting nasty.

There has to be more to this bickering than what’s been revealed so far. What is the root of this issue that’s threatening what was once a close friendship? They’re not taking the time to hear each other out to understand either. The more this festers, the worse it’s going to get. Kary & D’Andra are putting Brandi’s birthday in danger of being ruined because they cannot contain their animosity. Is this the end of their friendship?