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Premiering tonight on Bravo is the much-hyped Secrets and Wives, a show that looks very Real-Housewifey on the surface (and may well turn out to be), but is based on a different premise, and an important one at that: these chicks are actually lifelong friends. Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island, they went to high school together. They dated each other’s ex boyfriends (and, in some cases, ex-husbands). They got bad spiral perms in 1983 together. In short, they know where the bodies are buried. Which could make for some good drama…or some insufferable RHONJ-like feuds. 

”There’s no jealousy between us; we’re all really supportive,” S&W cast member Andi Black tells Long Island Weekly. “Most of the time when you have all these gorgeous women, you think you wouldn’t be supportive of each other, but there’s a love there.” She adds, “We all have had our weak times, and when you see all these other women being strong and lifting each other up, you realize you can get past anything. There’s not an issue that someone can’t relate to on the show.” Big words for a brand-spanking new reality “star.” But only time will tell if the group’s lifelong friendships will withstand the test of Bravo cameras in their faces day in and day out. After all, many a reality marriage has crumbled under similar conditions.


Secrets and Wives cast

Are you looking for something new, exciting, and original to watch? Yes, me too, so if you hear of anything let me know. In the meantime, can I interest you in Bravo‘s newest summer show Secrets and Wives? Think Real Housewives meets Princesses Long Island.

Secrets and Wives features a well-to-do group of long-time friends from Long Island. Bravo shares, “Navigating the pitfalls of marriage and divorce, these six women – Liza Sandler, Amy Miller, Gail Greenberg, Susan Doneson, Cori Goldfarb, and Andi Black – are all going through the process of reinventing themselves under the microscope of family, friends, and exes. Throughout the season, this sisterhood of friends will come together and take on some of life’s biggest challenges. From second or third divorces, new marriages, searching for love, and adjusting to an empty nest, every conflict is fraught with decades of real baggage. Years of memories are amongst this group of women, but can they come together for the moments that truly matter the most?”

Read the cast bios and watch the trailer below. Secrets and Wives premieres Tuesday, June 2 at 10P ET/PT on Bravo. I’m curious to see if these women are just as messy (in the very best way possible) as Princesses Long Island, so I will check it out. I can’t help myself.