Also Known As: Catherine Ann Cora • Born: 04/03/1967

Catherine Ann Cora, known as Cat Cora, is a prominent figure in the culinary world, celebrated as a professional chef, television personality, and successful businesswoman. Born on April 3, 1967, in Jackson, Mississippi, Cora’s journey from humble beginnings to culinary stardom is inspirational. Adopted at one week old by Virginia Lee and Spiro “Pete” Cora, Catherine Ann Cora grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, immersed in her family’s rich culinary heritage. With her adoptive father and grandfather both restaurateurs, Cora’s passion for food blossomed from a young age. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi, Cora pursued her culinary dreams at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, graduating in 1995. Cat Cora’s culinary prowess and charismatic persona propelled her into the spotlight, making her a household name in the culinary entertainment industry.

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Culinary Trailblazer

Cat Cora made history as the first female Iron Chef on the popular culinary competition show, “Iron Chef America,” showcasing her exceptional culinary skills and creativity globally.

Culinary Entrepreneur

Beyond her culinary feats, Cat Cora is a savvy businesswoman who has opened several successful restaurants, including Cat Cora’s Que (CCQ) and Cat Cora’s Kitchen.


Cat Cora is dedicated to giving back to the community, co-founding Chefs For Humanity, and supporting charitable causes like UNICEF and Auction Napa Valley.

Height: N/A

Nationality: American

Show(s): Stars on Mars

Network(s): Fox

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Children: N/A

Father: Spiro “Pete” Cora

Mother: Virginia Lee Cora

Siblings: N/A

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