Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

When Season 13 of Real Housewives of New York premiered, we once again saw Sonja Morgan living in her town house. It had been rented out before the pandemic hit, and Sonja had tried to sell it several times.  But never fear–Sonja has interns, whose duties include drawing Sonja a bubble bath. That town house needs to go.

Sonja hosted a brunch for the RHONY ladies. Leah McSweeney brought newbie Eboni K. Williams with her. Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps, who have somehow become besties, confronted Sonja about not being in contact with them all summer. It is obvious that Sonja is going through a lot.

Eboni Williams Real Housewives Of New York

Who’s happy that Real Housewives of New York is back? I know I am! The girls looked amazing on the premier episode. Say what you want about these women, but Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and LuAnn de Lesseps look better than ever. Leah McSweeney looked great as well, but I was most impressed with Eboni K. Williams.

Eboni made a statement in her first few seconds on screen, without saying a word. In the scene, Eboni and Leah walked through Central Park together for a chat and Eboni was wearing a sweatshirt with the names of the Central Park Five. This is the kind of perspective that’s been glaringly absent on RHONY for over a decade. Overall, it seems that Leah and Eboni have a nice energy together on screen that also translates to print.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives of New York are back and the world feels right again. The premiere gave us everything we love about the girls. Sonja Morgan talked to her intern about her vagina. Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer giggled about Lu living near Tom D’agostino. Leah McSweeney clowned Ramona’s Instagram posts. And Eboni K. Williams made her break-out debut as RHONY’s first Black cast member. A new era has begun, and it looks like it’ll be a wild ride. 

We know there is bound to be some incoming drama between Leah and Holla Heather Thomson. In the trailer, Leah is screaming at Mama H, calling her a Karen. They’ve gone back and forth ahead of the RHONY premiere, with Leah accusing Heather of slut-shaming and Heather saying she was “assaulted” by the “Queen Bee” of RHONY. To be fair, Leah’s still a rookie, not exactly Queen material.

Dorinda medley & Ramona Singer RHONY Real Housewives of New York

It’s officially the Christmas Eve for Real Housewives of New York fans. Season 13 is premiering this week, and it’s guaranteed to be explosive. Holla Heather Thomson is back, and apparently has a rocky return thanks to a feud with Leah McSweeney, or whoever she’s referring to as the “Queen Bee” of RHONY. Eboni K. Williams will make her debut as the first Black RHONY cast member. And all the while Bethenny Frankel continues to insert herself into the flood of news about the show, which is pretty “calculated” if Ramona Singer has anything to say.

I’m pre-emptively preparing to ask what are we doing without Dorinda Medley this go around. Dorinda was fired last year, and Ramona may or may not had something to do about it. And while she’s preparing to release a book (and plotting a potential RHONY return), somehow she’s still finding ways to feud with the Ramonacoaster. But is anyone really surprised?

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer’s outlasted everyone to be the longest running Real Housewives of New York cast member. We don’t know how she did it, but she’s still going strong. Heading into her 13th season is no small feat. Not many Housewives can claim to have done the same. In the past, Ramona doesn’t vibe too well with the new faces of the group. It makes you wonder if Ramona is going to have the same apathy toward newbie Eboni Williams.

Eboni’s first season is upon us, and everyone’s waiting to see how she vibes with the other women. It’s only natural to assume Ramona won’t take kindly to another new woman in the group. She had quite a difficult time adjusting to Leah McSweeney’s explosive arrival last season. From what it looks like, Leah & Eboni probably have more in common. Surely, they’re going to bond quicker than Ramona could ever do with Eboni. Don’t be so sure about that.

The Real Housewives of New York City Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney, Ramona Singer, Eboni K. Williams, Luann de Lesseps

WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE WITHOUT DORINDA? As sad as it will be to not have Dorinda Medley anymore, it’s still exciting to have the Real Housewives Of New York back again. They make everything feel right in the world. This will be their first pandemic season, so hopefully they’re still bringing their A-game. This season will also mark the debut of Eboni Williams. She makes history as the first black cast member on RHONY. Historic!

What will the dynamics be with a cast this small? Somehow Ramona Singer is still kicking as the longest running full-time New York housewife. She’s teasing some epic drama this season as well between Leah McSweeney and a returning Heather Thomson? The anticipation is too much to find out who allegedly assaulted Heather! Could you imagine coming back to the show only to be assaulted? This season has the potential to deliver in every single way.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew Sidora and Kenya Moore have consistently feuded throughout this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and they haven’t been afraid to go low. They’ve accused one another of cultural appropriation after they both questionably wore Native American costumes. They’ve each not been afraid to make comments on each other’s bodies. And Drew is doubling down that Twirl and LaToya Ali were more than just friends this season, adding gasoline to the years-long Kenya v. Porsha Williams battle.

We can expect a veteran villain like Twirl to get in the mess. But Drew’s involvement has been a pleasant surprise for a newbie in an otherwise “snoozefest” of a season, to put it in the words of Marlo Hampton. They each think the other is thirsty and being extra for the cameras. And let’s be honest, they probably both are. They are working for that Bravo check, to be fair.

LuAnn de Lesseps Says This Season Without Dorinda Medley “Was A Little Less Angry”; But She “Would Love To See Her Back On The Show”

Real Housewives of New York City is back tomorrow! Some of us cannot wait. Last season brought us Leah McSweeneywho instantly put Ramona Singer on high alert. Rumors are already swirling about Leah’s second year as a Housewife. For one, it looks like she negotiated a better salary, but it also looks like she maybe caused Heather Thomson to stop filming as a friend this season.

Leah however wasn’t the only big change last season. Fans also had to say goodbye to Dorinda Medley. What will this season hold without the queen of making it nice? Are we just not going to the Berkshires? Who’s going to stay in the fish room? Will RHONY producers even need to use closed captions this season? And who’s going to remind Lu that she can have Jovani? Tomorrow we’ll get some answers, but for now, we have the Countess speaking on what they’re all doing here this season without Dorinda.