Photo By: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Cosmopolitan

Luann de Lesseps Has Regrets About Time Lost With Kids Amid ‘Busy’ Life

Always a mom. Luann de Lesseps has shared it all during her time on Real Housewives of New York. When she first joined, she was still married to Count Alexandre de Lesseps and raising her two children, Victoria de Lesseps and Noel de Lesseps, in Manhattan.

The kids made brief appearances, but the show was hardly focused on Luann as a parent. She and Alexandre divorced in 2009. In the later seasons, only Victoria would film with her mother. The duo shared an obvious warmth, but the RHONY alum reflected on whether she could have been more present as a parent.

Motherhood “doesn’t get enough accolades”

Luann gave an update on her children during a recent interview as well as thoughts on her parenting in hindsight.

“I wish I spent more time with them,” Luann exclusively told Us Weekly. “I was always with them but I was busy. I was on the show for so long. The kids weren’t that much on the show.”

The Bravolebrity compared her children’s willingness to be on camera. Luann’s youngest, Noel, “shies away.” She added, “That’s not his thing.”

“We wear so many hats as women,” the Chic C’est La Vie singer explained. “We are busy arranging, organizing, the house and the career and the marriages and the school system. So it’s busy work and it’s one that doesn’t get enough accolades.”

According to Luann, she experienced, “Small kids, small problems, bigger kids, bigger problems.”

Now, it’s just a struggle “getting them together and finding time for the family to be together.”

Noel is close by in Brooklyn, while artist Victoria is vacationing in Europe with Alexandre.

“So for me, the challenge is keeping us all together and sitting down for meals together and holidays together. And so yeah, that’s probably the biggest challenge. And that and parking tickets … Still gotta pay the parking tickets,” Luann said.