Everything seems to be coming up roses in Kim Zolciak‘s world. She’s married, she’s having a baby, and Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding wasn’t a complete flop – even if people only watched out of morbid curiosity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kim’s new spin-off premiered to some pretty solid ratings. The two half-hour long series openers garnered about 1.55 million viewers! Not bad for a new show!

And since everything else is perfect in Kimlandia, it’s time to fix her fallen friendship with NeNe Leakes – which seems to be fragmented beyond repair. Much to my and Andy Cohen‘s chagrin.

Kim recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show where she confirmed – Real Housewives of Atlanta or no – she is not interested in rekindling things with The Neen. “She’s really changed, and she’s not funny to me anywhere,” Kim shared. “She used to be really funny.” Funnier when she was a moose or when she had a penis? Wendy agreed, saying NeNe has become “mean-spirited.”


Kim just wishes NeNe would be willing to communicate with her adult woman to adult woman without the theatrics or the threats. “I think the problem with NeNe honestly is that Nene doesn’t have the tools to communicate effectively,” Kim continued. “And if NeNe could really sit there and talk to me and communicate … Like, people get in arguments with my girlfriends and you disagree, but you can’t get loud and violent, that’s a problem.”

“If she had the tools to communicate effectively and kind of work through things, then there’s a possibility that I’d sit down and have a conversation.”

In other Kim news, she’s giving the buzz on her new pregnancy, her wigless head, and reiterating that she is very happy with Kroy Biermann – and his financial status!

First up, Kim is very excited about baby no. 4. “Once we got married, we just said we’re going to try,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter, emphasizing that this pregnancy was “planned.” Kim confirms that she definitely knows the sex of her newest one, but she’s not sure if she’s going to tell people.

And Kim is ecstatic to be filming her own spinoff and would love to continue carrying a solo show. “I really had a lot of fun doing the spinoff. It was really a totally different spiel,” she explains. “I think people get to really see me for me.”

“I think with the spinoff, you get the chance to kind of see me in a different light.” And that different light – includes the Real Kim’s real hair! Kim insists it was completely her decision to be on film, sans wig, because she doesn’t always wear one at home – and she ALSO doesn’t wear one at her wedding! Say what?!

“Bravo doesn’t ask you to do anything, they just capture your real life, and I had [my hairstylists] say to me one day, ‘You know you really should do your real hair for the wedding.'”

At first Kim resisted, but then she decided to try it. “I was like, ‘Well, the hell with it, here’s my hair.’ That’s basically what happened. It was just like, ‘OK, you know what you guys? Here’s my hair, and I’m not, not going to wear a wig on my wedding day.’ With this wig, I thee wed,” she laughs.

“I have beautiful hair — it’s just not as long as my wig, same color,” she adds.

Despite her wedding being filmed for a reality show, Kim insists it was a very personal, private affair – which is why guests were not allowed cell phones, cameras, etc. “I wanted to just enjoy my day, not worry about the cameras, not worry about anything going wrong. I just wanted it to be a personal day,” Kim shares. “We just had a little over 200 I think total, and those were people that had been very supportive of Kroy and I, very supportive of me.” And that is why NeNe wasn’t invited!

Finally, Kim continues to expound on the drama with Marlo Hampton and she wants everyone to know she is in love with Kroy – money or no – but they are very comfortable financially!

“Let’s be honest, Marlo is known for being an escort, like she’s known for that… It’s common knowledge in Atlanta. If you want to spread your legs and make money, then so be it,” Kim snaps, adding, “but don’t comment on somebody that had a full on four-and-a-half year relationship with somebody, and is now married, expecting a second child with her husband, and bring up some nonsense, or ever imply that my husband would use Big Poppa’s ring to purchase this one.”

“I was on Twitter this morning going off on people saying Kroy makes $550,000 dollars or whatever, whether Kroy made that or not is really irrelevant. Kroy made a hell of lot more than that, but that’s nobody’s business. Kroy designed my ring, spent a ton of money on my ring. It was really important to Kroy that I have a beautiful ring, and I was surprised by my ring. But to ever insult Kroy like that, it’s just gross. She’s just gross.”

Well – I guess these two will never be friends!


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