And I bet you guys were thinking that Slade Smiley would never have any “celebrity guests” on his new radio show!  The host with the most BS recently welcomed the shy and demure Tamra Barney into the studio for some Real Housewives of Orange County radio gold.  I don’t know about y’all, but I am so glad that these two crazy kids are finally playing nice…at least with each other!

We got a little preview of what the pair would be discussing when Gretchen Rossi tweeted, @TamraBarney and @SladeSmiley talk about some cast members Bull Honkey today on radio Slade!”

Tamra responded, @GretchenRossi @sladesmiley are you suggesting I talk about “victim Barbie.”  Oh, the ol’ Victim Barbie interview!  I wonder to whom she is referring…

CLICK CONTINUE READING FOR THE REST! breaks down the radio show where Tamra talks about the infamous intervention with Alexis Bellino in Costa Mexico.

Slade explains, “I felt like [Alexis] was starting to alienate herself.”

He also takes offense to Alexis claiming that the other women bullied her.  “I think it’s sick actually, because bullying is a very, very serious situation,” he says.

Tamra, of course, agrees, “I think Alexis needs to open her eyes and realize, hello, you’re on a reality show.”

Of calling Alexis “stupid,” Tamra admits, “It wasn’t nice of me.”

Slade tells his listener(s?), “We have no ill will towards either [Alexis or Jim],” however “You don’t have special rules.

While Slade was busy interviewing Tammy, Gretchen sat down for an interview with  She talks about growing apart from Alexis, but she admits that the friendship was draining.  Gretchen also discusses cake-gate with Sarah Winchester and hints about next week’s giant blow-up between Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson. While she wishes Vicki the best, they try to steer clear of each other.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Gretchen is super excited about Tamra’s engagement.  She also touches on her dream wedding and her hopes to become a mother within the next two years.  While she’s busy juggling Gretchen Christine Boo-Tay (Buu-Tay? Bahhoo-Tay?) and trying to get knocked up, she is also hoping to dip her toes into the fashion world. Hmm…I wonder what Alexis would say to that!

Finally, Andy Cohen has been dropping hints that he was attacked on the epic RHOC reunion – and we’ve all been speculating on who was the culprit. I had dibs on Tamra or Slade, but apparently the attacker of was of the avian persuasion. See a video of Andy’s fly-by bombing attack below!


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