Tonight is part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County’s finale, and the battle is raging on between former besties Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney over Vicki’s affirmation-lovin’, creole cookin’, child support payin’ (oh wait…) beau Brooks Ayers.

In her Bravo blog, Vicki compares Tamra to Jeana Keough, writing, “I…believe Tamra should not have chosen Heather [Dubrow]’s party to replay her drama with the wine episode with Jeana. Remember why Tamra was mad at Jeana last year? To refresh your memory, it was because Jeana was getting involved in Tamra and Simon’s marriage and “butting in.” Hmmm. . .isn’t that what she has been doing with Brooks and I?”


Tamra explains the difference to, saying, “Jeana was going to the press and giving them false stories about me.  That no way compares to me not liking Brooks. I simply don’t care for Brooks like everyone else, including her own family. I am worried for Vicki and feel she is being taken advantage of.  At this point I have said all that I can and when she needs me I will be there for her.”

Vicki also took a passive aggressive dig at her friend via twitter:

The women of the O.C. also reached a new feat last week by beating out Dance Moms in the ratings.  The show was almost able to top Tuesday’s leader Tosh.O.  I love some Daniel Tosh, but really?  That’s the most watched Tuesday night show?  Fascinating!  While the first half of the finale didn’t quite top last season’s finale in viewership, the women still have tonight to pull in the numbers.  Perhaps more people want to watch Tamra drench Jeana with chardonnay as opposed make up with her at a name-change celebration…

On the final portion of the finale, Tamra is complaining about Vicki calling her a brown-noser.  Tamra believes that Vicki is just jealous of her friendship with Gretchen Rossi.  Gretchen then bestows upon her new biffle one of the ugliest charm bracelets ever, which Tamra responds to appropriately…in ugly cry mode.  Awww.  Tamra will never let Vicki’s taunts come between them, and Tamra has nothing but love for ol’ Gretch.  Their past is now locked up in the, well, past.

A drunk Sarah Winchester is trying really hard to understand why Heather is being so darn mean to her.  She apologized for cake-gate, didn’t she?  Heather wants Sarah to leave, but she refuses.  Alexis Bellino is called in and she’s yelling about why things are still happening with Sarah.  Gretchen gets heated with Alexis when she puts her hand up in Slade Smiley’s face.  Alexis wants to be a mediator, not a bodyguard.  She will not escort Sarah out of the party.  Gretchen and Slade are kind enough (what?) to calm Sarah and take her home so that the others can enjoy the soiree.

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