Last week we reported that NeNe Leakes had gotten in a physical altercation with a Real Housewives of Atlanta producer while filming the cast trip in Anguilla. While NeNe – and Kandi Burruss – deny that a physical incident occurred, there’s still been plenty of drama!

TamaraTattles has the scoop on what’s really been going down on this surely blessed and relaxing vacation. The girls have been partying non-stop on the beach – which is where the infamous photo of Phaedra Parks in a thong bikini came from (more on that below!).

The cast and crew arrived last Tuesday and are rumored to be staying at Modena Villa, a luxury resort renting for $5k a night in the off-season.


Local dancers were on the scene to teach our girls a local dance called the “the wine.” The source describes it as: “a vulgar waist moving dance that is very sexual.” All the Housewives jumped into action, ‘cept for Le Neen who pretended to be a prude and was acting like a “diva.” She reportedly finally got into the booty popping and started showing the other girls how it’s done – working those ex-stripper moves, I s’pose.

The cast also attended a release party for Pantha Vibes International, a local band that is super popular. The party took place at Red Dragon Disco. They “stayed for like five minutes” and left. Tamara speculates that one of the RHOA ladies, likely Kandi, will pretend to know a member of the band so the party doesn’t look completely staged. Photos on twitter verify the cast was there.

Kim Zolciak skipped the trip as she is heavily pregnant and has an baby at home already, but everyone else attended – including rumored new Housewife Kenya Moore. Another rumored RHOA castmate, Toya Wright, was not on the trip. Also, making an appearance – the HUBBIES!

And there was allegedly an ex-hubby there as well! If you guessed Gregg Leakes, you guessed correctly. It’s uncertain if he’ll actually appear on film as attending the trip, but he was definitely there.

Apollo Nida, Peter Thomas, and Kenya‘s boyfriend also tagged along. Kandi posted a photo of her boyfriend, Todd Tucker, who is a member of the RHOA production crew. It’s also uncertain if he’ll be appearing on film as her man, but his being there is likely what got the ball rolling on the other hubbies attending. It wouldn’t be fair for Kandi to have a luxury vacation with her man while the other women were forced to endure alone. A photo of Kandi and Todd on the beach is below.

Now onto the drama about Phaedra and the th-th-tho-thong photo. According to the source, the cast was having a party at the villa and Phaedra had been wearing the thong away from the cameras, or something. However someone got crafty and snapped a pic.

“She didn’t know people were there yet (for the party) and walked into the house in that outfit and got very upset and threw a fit saying that production should have told them people were here and said to get her husband!” After things calmed down she changed and was fine.

Apparently there was a lot of drunken debauchery – particularly where Peter was concerned. Peter reportedly got so wasted he slipped and broke a glass. As for everyone getting along the source spills that the cast was divided into to groups and NeNe was keeping to herself for the most part. I guess since she has Gregg to hang out with she doesn’t need the other girls!

According to everyone’s twitters the girls are back home. “Good to be back in the States,” Kenya tweeted on July 14th.

[Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss’ Twitter]

And NO, Kandi and Todd did not get engaged! At least according to Kandi’s twitter, but you never know if she’s hiding it until filming airs. Some photos from the trip are below.


 Kandi and Todd on the beach! Looking cute, you two! [Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss’ Twitter]

The infamous Phaedra thong photos! That is some donkey booty! [Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss’ Twitter]

Phaedra and Apollo in Anguilla – proving the hubbies were on the trip! [Photo Credit: Kandi Burruss’ Twitter]

Phaedra’s view from the resort. [Photo Credit: Phaedra Parks’ Twitter]

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