The Housewives have been enjoying every minute of New York Fashion Week.  On Monday night they hit up the Ok! magazine party  and then ventured off to other events, as well. 

Tom Murro from Fox Morning Extra gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on his crazy night with Ramona Singer, Rich and Kathy Wakile (who shared a whole lotta TMI), Angelina Pivarnik from Jersey Shore, Sonja Morgan, and more.



Tom hung out at the OK party with the crew, which included Luann de Lesseps, Sonja, Ramona, Melissa Gorga, and Kim Kardashian's sometimes-sidekick, Jonathan Cheban.

After ditching that soiree, "Me and all the girls walked around the block to Kiss & fly for Gretchen Rossi's NYFW party hosted by fashion360. Walking 1 block through the Meatpacking district in NYC past all the people eating outside going crazy for the ladies was very fun to watch. We arrived and added Kathy and Richard Wakile, Richard's Cologne, Richard's Ego, Richard's eyeglasses, Angelina Pivarnick, Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen to the mix. "
Rich wasn't too happy to see Tom.  It would seem Richie is holding a grudge over a piece Tom wrote last summer, exposing Rich's "don't you know who I am!?" tantrum.  "Richard was still a bit pissed about my shirt shop article that didn't paint him as the nicest guy in town." Tom added, "We've grown to like each other anyway, or maybe it was the booze."
Ramona was out on the dance floor having a great time while Rich and Kathy were busy oversharing. "The very humble Richard Wakile was boasting about his erectile super powers, and the frequency of which he bangs Kathy at his ripe old age of 48 –Kathy chimed in with 'Richard's morning wood is my alarm clock'."  You're welcome for that horrifying vision you won't be able to scrub from your brain anytime soon.
Gretchen shared that she is engaged, but isn't flashing a ring at the moment.  "I asked Gretchen if she was single to which she said 'yes, but engaged, he's over there'. I noticed a nice multi diamond cocktail style ring on her right hand and her left was bare, so I asked her where her giant blingin rock was- she said ''I don't need anything like that, just him'."
After that stop, Tom headed over to Catch Rooftop with Angelina and a couple of others for the Avril Afterparty.  Melissa made it in to the party while the rest went to to another bar at the Standard Hotel. "Avril hid in the corner surrounded by security and didn't do fan pics or any handshakes on her way out."

Last night Tom hit up an event with Kris Jenner (we'll be sharing that tidbit later), but backstage he chatted up Gretchen and Slade Smiley.  "She was looking HOT in red.  Her BF Slade and I chatted about who we liked and didn't like of the NJ Housewife husbands.  Joe Gorga is on the like list, (if he hugged or kissed me any more the last time I saw him I was going to make him get us a room LOL}. Richard Wakile is tolerable, and Slade decided (and I agreed) Joe Giudice is just a Douche-bag.  I said 'can I quote you on that'? He said 'sure'."
I wonder how quickly Slade will retract that Joe G. comment…..


Photo Credit: Yoni Levy and Tom Murro

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