Oh, Kim Zolciak… do you not know what the word truth means? I mean at this point the lies amount for more than the number of wigs you own! The latest half-truth via Kim Z concerns her new mansion!

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been bragging up a storm about her massive new mansion which contains a whopping EIGHT (yes, 8!) fireplaces, which I like to think of as wig drying receptacles. Well, apparently that's just the tip of the iceberg. Remember how Kim said she, Kroy Biermann, and their four kiddies had moved into Big Poppa's condo while waiting for dream house no. 2 to be built

Let's just say the word "built" should be used loosely. According to super sleuths TamaraTattles and TV Fishbowl Kim purchased a home located in The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta, GA. It's an uber fancy subdivision and golf course where former RHOA star DeShawn Snow's home was also located. DeShawn sold the house following her divorce


TamaraTattles reported that Kim got a good deal on the land because the developers went bankrupt in the process of building portions of the neighborhood, but that's not exactly the truth. According to original legal documents unearthed from TV Fishbowl Kim actually bought an already built house. The very house she is claiming to be building. 

And Kim bought that house as a FORECLOSURE! That's right! So she bought a pre-existing, foreclosure she is renovating just like her FORMER friend Kandi Burruss. That same friend that Kim was ragging on. If you recall Kim can't live in a "used home" despite the fact that Kim was renting to a home she was subsequently evicted from!

Really Kim? Really? You lied about this?! Seriously… I really must believe all those wigs are squeezing her brain too tight. I have no excuse for Gomer Pyle. 

According to TV Fishbowl, Kim's "house" was originally listed for $3.7 M when the developers went bankrupt and reduced the house by over $1M. It still didn't sell. The bank then reduced the home to $999,900 but accepting best offers. Which is when Kim and Kroy swooped in and nabbed the house  for $880,000! The low price explains how Kim and Kroy can afford to live in such an otherwise super ritzy exclusive neighborhood. 

Kim and Kroy closed on the home in October and began renovations. They did NOT tear down the house and rebuild. Fishbowl has photos of the home before Kim purchased it and it is the same exact house Kim recently posted a photo of on twitter. What I don't understand is why Kim would lie about this? I personally would be thrilled I got such a great deal – the house sounds fabulous. 

Below are the Foreclosure MLS Listing Details as provided by the bank. Kim's new home has 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and sits on two acres. And in case you hadn't heard it also has 8 fireplaces. 

Well, well… it's no wonder Kandi is totally sick of Kim. She ragged on her "friend" on national television, insulting her home, and then she turns around and does the same thing. And notice she didn't bother telling people she bought a used home in foreclosure. Oh, no… she went around pretending she was building from scratch a brand, spankin' new mansion.

Oh, Kim – did you really think you were going to get away with that?

[Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak’s Twitter]









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