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If there's one thing to be said about Yolanda Foster it's that she doesn't mince words! The newbie Housewife emerged on the scene to sweep a scrutinizing eye over the ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and their rather questionable behavior. 

Unsurprisingly Yolanda has found much to be amazed by – and that's not a compliment. On a recent girls trip to Vegas she found herself surrounded by dinner guests behaving badly when all she wanted to do was sip some tequila and enjoy her dinner. In her Bravo blog Yolanda gives her two cents on all the drama and the constant fighting round the table. 

Beginning and ending with Adrienne Maloof, Yolanda offers some advice: 

"I don't know Adrienne very well because she never reached out to me, but I have observed her behavior and she comes off quite arrogant. Again she is belittling Brandi [Glanville]'s business to empower herself, and I find it very unattractive and unproductive." 


"Adrienne is creating a beautiful collection and is focused on her business," Yolanda lies says. "You know, it's the way Adrienne says 'I hope Brandi is having fun in Vegas, I have a business to run.' Just rubs me the wrong way. . ."

"I believe she is giving Brandi way too much energy and wish she would just move on and stop blaming others for the increasing misery in her life," Yolanda writes

"Even though they don't get along, they should not be dismissive of each other's success because at the end of the day we are all working for the same reason — and that is to help support our children and family."

Unfortunately things turned even more sour over dinner. And Yolanda's not sure what Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer's relationship with Adrienne had to do with their time in Vegas. Me either… except can you say: pot stirring?

"We all have different friends in and outside this group so I am not dismissing Kyle and Camille's friendship with Adrienne but why are we ruining another dinner over this?"

"I like Camille, but unfortunately there seems to be a different perception of her conversation with Brandi. I did find the SUR remark way below the belt and I don't know what Lisa [Vanderpump] did to deserve that. It's concerning though to see someone speak with such conviction about private business matters — a textbook example of the seed of trash talk leading to gossip! If you are going to stand up and make a scene, you better get your facts straight." 

"I believe it is totally OK not to be best friends with every person in the group. Naturally you have more chemistry with some than others but just be honest about it and fight fair." 

"Kyle using Brandi's 'nose job' as a fact of credibility is such an immature and mean girl remark. . .My thoughts of Brandi are not more or less, with or without a nose job." 

"I am really having a hard time figuring out who is loyal to whom. Adrienne could have stayed engaged with the group regardless of her issues with Brandi — but she chose not to." 

Yolanda also shares that she encouraged Kyle and Lisa to mend their friendship but they have a long way to go to get over the hurts of last season's reunion!

Also, discussing what happened in Vegas (which clearly doesn't always stay there!), is Brandi. In her own Bravo blog, the notorious Housewife calls out the ridiculous behavior of her co-stars, in particular Madame Maloof

"As far as Adrienne being in Vegas, I didn't invite her to my work trip due to our legal issues…," Brandi clarifies. "Adrienne has many, many, many business ventures going on that she is investing money into like shoes, phone covers, vodka, skincare, purses that say Maloof all over them. . .I hope she makes money from those purses, but the only initials I want on my purses are LV." 

And of course, the dinner conversation: 

"I invited these women to Vegas and I am glad they all came to support me, so why Camille brought up missing Adrienne at my dinner, knowing full well of our legal issues I will never understand. Yes, we had fun in the past with Adrienne and now I'm having fun with her lawyers — so clearly it's not the best dinner conversation.

Jennifer [Giminez] explained why I was so nervous about the reunion. I was nervous because I was asked to meet up with Adrienne to talk about going after Lisa and for no other reason. The ONLY reason I called Camille was to get her take on what was about to happen.

Camille said to me I know they are going after Lisa but I have no issues with Lisa and you shouldn't worry about it 'just be yourself.' That was the extent of it.

Then at dinner, Camille calls me a liar and just minutes later confirms I was telling the truth but she didn't like being put on the spot. That wasn't cool to me, I have always been lovely and kind to Camille, so I was upset when she called me a liar. Well Camille and I have now moved past it all. We are not as close as we once were, but are fine."

As for the other dinner conversation, the curious case of whether or not revealing a well known fact is considered taboo: 

"Camille brought up that Adrienne was upset that Pandora didn't choose to do her bachelorette party at the Palms, which is ridiculous because it's Pandora's choice and no one elses. So I say why was Adrienne upset because she doesn't own but two percent of the Palms. A bitchy, but true statement. I probably wouldn't have said it had Pandora's bachelorette party not been brought up and Adrienne not been threatening me with a lawsuit.

Why Camille is upset at Lisa and yelling at Yolanda, I still don't understand. 

"Kyle seems to defend everyone but Lisa and I think I know why. Kyle gets upset that Lisa defends me, and ultimately I believe Kyle is just jealous of my friendship with Lisa. Kyle needs to realize its easy to say, 'Let's move on,' when she was the one that hurt the Lisa. Of course, Kyle wants it all behind them but sometimes you have to face the music first." 

And there you have it – straight from the horses' mouths! 

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