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Vanderpump Rules' resident villainess (who's watched Mean Girls waay, waay too many times in an attempt to craft her perfect "character"), Stassi Schroeder is talking reality TV, why it seems to be her only career goal, and what it's like to be so maligned by the public. I mean she's just being herself! Don't hate her cause she's beautiful. 

Given her long past in reality TV (Stassi has appeared on the now defunct Queen Bees and the Amazing Race), she explains she was prepared to 'be herself' on camera! Oh that is not something I would admit, m'dear! "I know that like, you just have to be yourself. You can't hide anything. If there's something you don't want to come out, it's going to come out. I made the decision to be myself and people don't like it, it's not my problem," she tells Reality Wanted.  

Stassi also touches on her relationship to Jax Taylor, and his abrupt about-face in psycho switching when he started dating Laura-Leigh (which Stassi claims he only did to annoy her). 


"Jax had always threatened me in fights and said, 'I'm going to find one of your friends to bang.' I didn't think I'd have a friend that would be that vindictive or that weak of a person. She thought it was true love and I'm like, 'Bitch, please! You know exactly what he's like and how our relationship was. You're weak, sorry.'" Perhaps there could have been a nicer way of saying it, though… 

Interestingly, Stassi says her relationship with Frank was real and not just for the cameras. Wait – wasn't he JAX's friend, isn't that the same thing as him dating LL. Semantics, right?!

"We actually got back together after filming. It was off and on and everything like that," Stassi reveals. "I love him, I adore him. It really sucks how he came off. Every single time he was on camera happened to be his worst moment. I feel really bad about that but no, my feelings were completely real." 

Stassi also admits she harshly judged Scheana Marie and now the two are friends. Scheana is too forgiving! "I love Scheana! I can't even get over it how much I like her!"

"I remember in the beginning, someone said, 'There's a reason why you're having such a strong reaction to her. I feel like you two would be best friends.' I'm the first to admit that I was an ass and I was wrong. She's a great girl, I trust her with my life." 

And, of course, Stassi is itching for a second season. A sentiment all the cast members have echoed. Surprisingly they are all still friends. 

"Fingers crossed that we get a second season! I have it in my head that we already have a second season. I'm just waiting for the call." 

Oh – and for those of you wondering if Stassi really works there and if the show has been good for SUR's business, behold: "Every single table I have is a fan of the show, so it's so weird because they want to take your photo. I'm like, 'Okay, do you wanna hear specials?'"

"I hate to say it but sometimes it bothers me because we have this hit TV show and I'm still waiting tables. It's so weird, I can't even describe it! The restaurant is packed 24/7." 

Well, bravo Miss Vanderpump, bravo. One thing I'll give Stassi credit for is that she is unabashed about her behavior and seems to fully expect people to hate her for it. At least she's honest in that regard!

And despite people insisting the show sucks, ratings remain high and steady! So I think they'll be back for a second season too. 

[Photo Credit: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com]



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