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There's a new lady joining the Real Housewives of Orange County

We haven't met her yet, but Lydia McLaughlin will appear on the show next week as the fabulously rich Christian business woman and mother who is all Alexis Bellino wishes she could be. Shockingly Lydia is actually a friend of Alexis' and joined the show in part through that relationship. Well that just blows the lid of Heather Dubrow's theory that Alexis is searingly jealous of her lifestyle, amirite. 

Lydia recently did an interview with U-T San Diego where she talked her decision to join the show, who she didn't really like, and what we can expect from her this season. 


Lydia, who has lived in San Diego for years, also had a previous relationship with Lisa Vanderpump through her magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle. "Lisa writes a column for us, and we also did a photo shoot with Brandi [Glanville]." That shoot was featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "I guess Bravo heard about me through those connections, and one of the casting producers reached out about the O.C. show." 

Lydia was also neighbors with Alexis, whose children go to school with hers and they became friends. "I used to live across the street from Alexis, and our kids go to the same school. Actually, my mom moved into her old house! I run in the same circles."

While Lydia is a devout Christian, she's no Jesus Barbie! She's an accomplished businesswoman who has always worked hard. In fact she had serious reservations about coming on board and told producers no several times. Lydia runs a magazine and jewelry line, she's also a documentary filmmaker and fashion editor. She refers to juggling her professional life and motherhood as a "daily struggle." Which is why she originally opted not to join the show. 

"I was nervous, like any normal person would be! Have you seen the show? I love my life, love my family. I’m very protective of my marriage," Lydia explains. "I’m honestly the complete antithesis of a Housewife. I’ve never thrown anyone in a pool, or thrown wine in someone’s face! I didn’t think I was the right fit. And I didn’t want to be famous. I’ve never had those aspirations. It seemed like a lot of risk, but not a lot of reward." 

But in the end she thought it was worth a try. "I thought if I said no, I would always wonder — what if? I decided that I could be a positive role model on the show, and provide a different voice." Is that voice class? Cause if so you might as well be speaking in tongues to Tamra Barney


Lydia remains friends with Alexis, but she hasn't liked everyone on the show! One person not in her 'friends' category is perpetual Housewives Hanger-On, Slave Smiley! Smart girl… 

 "Oh, I have an opinion on Slade… we don’t really care for each other," she quips. "He is very opinionated, but he doesn’t like to be accountable for it. I’m a sweet, nice person, but I’m also very direct. So, we had some adult conversations." Adult conversations, I like that terminology!

As for her impressions of being a Housewife, Lydia says she wasn't prepared for the drama upclose or the fighting!

"I had heard things, but I didn’t go into the show wanting to like someone or not," she shares. "I didn’t know the drama. I was naive, so it made me more authentic. But it’s so different to watch the show at home for entertainment, and to be a part of the show. To be there at the table with all the yelling and the cursing. It’s a whole other level!" 

[Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Bravo]

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