It seems like Gretchen Rossi is going to have a tough season on Real Housewives of Orange County. While her relationship with Slave Smiley seems to be back on track (sadly) things are still strained with Vicki Gunvalson. And it seems like they are fighting over the friendship of Tamra Barney. Girls – really, that's no prize!

In her Bravo blog for the second episode Gretchen explains why she thinks Vicki is being fake and playing the Vick-tim card, and also lying about her relationship with Brooks Ayers to save face! 

Gretchen shares that she's happy Vicki and Tamra are working on their friendship but what Tamra was saying to Vicki and about Vicki are two different things! acknowledges. 

"Hearing them talk in the wine cellar was actually a surprise to me since Tamra had voiced such a different tune to me for the last nine months about Vicki," Gretchen remarks. "However I was glad to see they could talk and try to work through their issues." 


"I understand Vicki being hesitant to jump back into the relationship because she was hurt by the way Tamra went about things. I have been there before with her and she doesn't always have the best way of going about things. Tamra herself has admitted that she retreats and gets mean at times, like Vicki said. However Vicki was no gem in this situation either and said some pretty mean things in an email to Tamra over the summer," Gretchen shares. 

"I, of course, am going to be protective over Tamra, because we had become so close, and be wary of Vicki playing the 'poor me card' to pull Tamra back in," Gretchen continues. "Vicki is very good at playing the victim and making everyone feel bad for her. Even Eddie, who was good friends with Vicki, said she is a liar, a manipulator, and can be deceiving in her ways. I was relieved to know it was not just me who feels this way about her." 

And one lie Gretchen believes Vicki is telling concerns her relatiosnhip status with Brooks!

"I questioned Vicki not being honest about her relationship with Brooks because as you will continue to see her story kept changing all season. I believed she was more afraid of the wrath from everyone, or that she was embarrassed to be with him because everyone that was close to her was weary of him," Gretchen says. 

"I realized at the table that Vicki finally understood what it felt like to have everyone talking crap about your significant other. I don't wish that on anyone; however I am glad she finally understood that it is not a good feeling when you love someone so much, and all you want is people to support you in your decision. Funny how things come full circle. She had so many negative things to say about Slade and it sucked." 


"I think Vicki is actually questioning what everyone is feeling because there is part of her that might believe it is true. I don't say that because I don't like Brooks, because I actually find him to be a very charming man. I say that because her actions speak louder than words," Gretchen adds. 

Gretchen also apologizes for making fun of Vicki's plastic surgery, claiming she was just going through a rough time over Slade's son's health. 

Unfortunately one RHOC feud that seems to be continuing full-force: Alexis Bellino VS. Gretchen. The two former BFF's got into a huge fight on twitter over the word "Bully". Oh lord. 


Alexis flat-out denies bullying Vicki

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 1.19.55 PM

Gretchen claims that Alexis is confusing bullying for plain ol' drama – something she is definitely part of all the time! "100% this show is elective and the premise is to have an opinion about the others!," she tweeted. "why are you considered weak? You are a grown woman who can stand up for yourself. Not bullying"

Gretchen also pointed out that's how reality TV works. "STP USING TERM BULLY! UR a reality tv persn wh gets paid 2 act ths way Stop with the victim BS." She also accused Alexis of using the word for attention. "You like the publicity that word gives u." Um… I'd like these two to behave like grown-ups. Too much to ask?

Can't we all just get along?

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