With good comes bad, it seems! NeNe Leakes just announced her spinoff I Dream Of NeNe (which will premiere this fall). Unfortunately one of her sisters is continuing to court the media in an attempt to "expose" NeNe as a liar and user. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is facing scrutiny from her half-sister Kendle, aka Kenya Sherman who has even reached out to former NeNe nemesis Star Jones to sell an interview about her! Kendle (Kenya?) is an Atlanta-based hairdresser who is reportedly successful in her business, but definitely has not gotten over the family drama she has with NeNe!

"[NeNe] HAS MORE SKELETONS THAN A GRAVEYARD 'You Neva Gone Win When You Dirty' Live by ya words u talked bad on us 1st," Kenya tweeted. "Ppl who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"


Kenya says Bravo definitely filmed her for Ayden's first birthday, but cut the footage. She also denies that Phaedra Parks was involved in the setup. "I DID FILM FOR A BDAY PARTY ON RHOA BUT @NeNeLeakes THREATEN TO QUIT SHOW & THEY DIDNT SHOW IT #TRUTH," Kenya insists. "NEVER once has @PhaedraParks contacted me concerning @NeNeLeakes I opened up on my OWN accord to let some SKELETONS out the closet."

"Nene made up the story to get Pheadra kicked off the show!! I knew it was a LIE as soon as she said it!! She's NOT SMART!!!," Kenya added. "REALITY TV WILL HAVE SOME PPL THROW FAMILY UNDER THE BUS & FABRICATE THINGS"


Getting even stickier, on twitter Kenya (@ImKenya100) supports Sheree Whitfield, whom she claims was being truthful about NeNe's past. Who can forget the Home Depot Repo allegation of S4?! Oh dear… 

NeNe isn't the only person facing some scorned bitter Bettys. Phaedra has another crazy hater crawling out of the woodwork who is ranting about how Phaedra is shady and ruined her life. Among the new allegations Phaedra is accused of mortgage fraud, prostitution, and stealing someone's hubby. How much did Kenya pay this woman? If all this stuff happened – where's the proof? And guess what?  Phaedra Hater 2.0 has a book coming out too. Whatever the case with Phaedra, she has made some enemies of the Single Deranged Female variety.

I gotta say – I don't believe the stories of either of these women, not NeNe's sister nor this new Phaedra hater who sounds unhinged. There are a lot of "Black Delusional 'Kenyas'" out there apparently! Well, I'm sure things will continue to get interesting. 

NeNe took to twitter to denounce Kendle's behavior. "Lord I'm glad somebody gave these thirsty fools a lying voice! Congratulations on tryin 2 ride off somebody else's hard word," she tweeted. Phaedra has not commented on the latest allegations – and really I wouldn't dignify that craziness with a response either! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 12.33.38 PMNeNe also announced her bridesmaids who will be appearing in her wedding spinoff. She previous revealed Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey will be on the show, but also announced that Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan is in her bridal party. I guess Laura does need a new job!



"On my flight headed 2 LA wit my biological sister's," NeNe tweeted. [Credit: Twitter]

nene-bridesmaids-3NeNe and her bridal party. BFF Diana is of course included in the mix! [Credit: Twitter]

nene-and-sistersNeNe with her half-sisters. [Credit: Twitter]

[Main Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson/]

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