On last Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion we watched NeNe Leakes rip Phaedra Parks a new one over communicating with her half-sisters (whom NeNe did not  have a relationship with at the time) to dig up dirt on her. 

NeNe accused Phaedra of being in cahoots with Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield, with Phaedra seeming like the mastermind because she had a previous acquaintanceship with NeNe's sisters. NeNe was furious and Phaedra was oddly demure, which seemed like an omission of guilt. I've heard gossip about this situation for two years now and I have my own opinions (OPINIONS, people) which I'll share below, but let's hear some alleged behind-the-scene scoops on what went on! 

Also this is a long one, so settle in! 


StraightFromTheA shares that the issues all started with Phaedra's first season when she got miffed that NeNe denied an association with her during childhood. Apparently NeNe's grandmother used to babysit Phaedra as a child. Also, Phaedra maintains that NeNe's brother dated her cousin for a long time.  

Moving onto Phaedra's second season, NeNe's half-sisters did show up at Ayden's first birthday party and apparently they spilled some dirt on NeNe and Gregg Leakes! And none of it was too kind. Rumor has it everyone in Atlanta was discussing what was said at the party. 

The sisters dished on how NeNe and Gregg allegedly "scammed" several family members out of money "which was apparently why Nene and her sisters were 'estranged' at the time." NeNe and Gregg have a tricky financial past – that's been uncovered several times over, they were even investigated for some sort of mortgage fraud scheme and featured on local ATL news. NeNe, learning of Gregg's involvement in the mortgage mess, is allegedly what led to the infamous "You have done me wrong as a husband!" blowout in S3.

Apparently when NeNe found out about her sisters being at the birthday party and what they revealed, she lost it and Bravo agreed to edit it out of the show. And that explains why Sheree trekked across town on a sweltering hot day to participate in filming, even though she and Phaedra weren't close.

Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey were also at the party but not shown at all in the episode. They are the ones that outed the incident to NeNe! Photos on the Bravo site confirm their presence. See, there's a lot going on that helps put pieces together, isn't there?!


Surprise! Look who's there but was never shown during the show! 

And that's the dirt on what went down. Now, many have wondered why an incident that occurred during filming for season 4 was being discussed during the season 5 reunion, particularly because it seemed that NeNe and Phaedra were able to get to a peaceable place and some sort of apology was given during the South Africa trip. 

Here's my theory: NeNe recently reunited with her family members because she's about to have a big ol' Made for TV re-wedding to Gregg and she needs them present and accounted for. Reacquainting with long-lost relatives is television gold, anyway. NeNe kept saying things like they want a relationship with ME now. Makes sense – she is famous! Similarly she reunited with Wigs

Secondly, NeNe has been fairly drama-free for this season, which is fine (it's enjoyable to see her as the narrator), but if she is making $1M for the sixth season (as rumored) she needs to earn it. The New Normal isn't doing well in the ratings (and is reportedly not renewed for a second season) and RHOA is her bread-n-butter. I believe NeNe is setting up a storyline for next season which will be big drama with Phaedra, including NeNe collaborating with Kenya Moore to muddy the waters digging into Phaedra's past. Mind you, the producers set alllll this up, Which brings me to my next point… 

Why Phaedra apologized and shut it at the reunion. We all know the producers are the ones who arranged the situation with NeNe's sisters and Phaedra. For all we know Phaedra wasn't even expecting them at the birthday, she said they "showed up" and they also "showed up" at her office.  Now, Phaedra, who has a spinoff with Bravo and has just renewed her S6 contract, isn't going to sit there on stage and admit that – she's not stupid and she knows it would just be edited out anyway. 

Secondly when Kenya mentioned that Angela Stanton was "in my dressing room" we all know that is not true. First of all NBC is not going to get involved with that mess. Second of all, like Phaedra or not, respect her or not, there is a lawsuit against Vibe Magazine currently happening and we all know that "book" Angela wrote is a bunch of bull-honkey. Maybe Phaedra promised she'd help Angela, but if you think any of that other stuff happened and hasn't been discovered and proven, you're wrong.

How fast does dirt on these ladies leak? How long did it take to out NeNe as a stripper or Marlo's criminal history? About a hot minute – with proof! And people claiming Phaedra has her legalese to hide the situation, c'mon now – she controls the internet? 

However, the reason I think Phaedra clammed up, strapped on her game face, and just shut it is because she realized what was unfolding before her very eyes between NeNe, the show, and with Kenya. She realized the depths of crazy, desperate, and vindictive that is Kenya. That is some dirt-ttty behavior. And Kenya clearly is going to stop at nothing to get at Phaedra. I believe Phaedra realized the best thing to do was mind her Ps & Qs and deal with it "off stage." Next season will be veeery interesting! 

That said, NeNe did read Phaedra the riot act something righteous! And Pheadra was definitely up to something when she met with NeNe's sisters – producer manipulated or not – however I do not think it went down in any way, shape, or form as it was discussed on the reunion! 

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