Housewives real estate drama! Did I mention I love Housewives real estate drama? Cause I do! 

The latest lady to come under fire for where she lays her designer shoes is Lydia McLaughlin! The new Real Housewives of Orange County star admits she moved into Alexis Bellino's neighborhood before filming began, where they struck up a friendship. Or something. 

Real Estalker recently unleashed some juicy details on Lady Lydia's new home. And allegedly she is renting just for filming purposes. "During filming" The McLaughlins "occupied a luxuriously appointed rented residence in the exclusive Ritz Cove enclave in Dana Point, the same affluent beach side enclave where Housewife Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim leased a house during the taping of the seventh season." 


The residence they are borrowing for Bravo's viewing pleasure is 4,800 square foot "Mediterranean" that as of April 2012 records was leased for $8,500 per month. No word on how much Lydia and Doug pay! The five bedroom, five bath house also has a resort-style backyard and sits near the PCH highway.

Apparently Lydia moved into the home shortly before Bravo started following her every move, which is not uncommon. Many reality stars "rent" properties during filming to avoid fans and other such stalkers accessing their private information and address. Unfortunately there may be a snafu in the bible bounding McLaughlins' plan; the house may or may not be going into foreclosure! Oops. 

"Property records show the house was purchased by its current owner in early 2004 for $2,881,000. We don't know the status, but we found evidence online the property was deep in foreclosure doo-doo and scheduled to be sold at auction on the 8th of April (2013) with a minimum bid of $2,329,923. We don't know what the result of all this ugliness is but it could be that Mister and Missus McLaughlin will soon have to pack their bags if they haven't already," Real Estalker reports. 


Well, the saga of the ever shifting Housewife's abode continues. A video of Lydia showing off her house is below.

The site also dug up dirt on Alexis and her latest home. The Bellinos reportedly claim they paid cash for their new house (it's like their fourth or something since RHOC). Oooh-oooh… allegedly NOT the case! "Mister and Missus Bellino, through a trust, recently paid $2,000,000 for a large residence in a gated community in San Juan Capistrano." Research indicates from online documentation that the Bellinos did not "pay all cash for the property." Oh Alexis… who cares if you have a mortgage! 


Interesting! The Bellinos seem to have a history of buying properties with a trust or a company so if they foreclose or suffer a loss it is not their personal finances that take a hit and risk a foreclosure/short-sale rating. Or maybe that's just what I hear through the grapevine… 

Moving on, Lydia reveals she is still not getting along with newly minted RHOC badgirl blonde, Gretchen Rossi. “I am not that close with Gretchen, I feel like it is hard for me to trust her,” Lydia confessed to RadarOnline. 

"We will have conversations and I feel like things are one way, then I’ll read her blog that week and it is the exact opposite from what we just talked about… so she confuses me sometimes.”

Lydia also admits that she doesn't like Slade Smiley. Who does?! Gretchen's affianced one is a friend of no Housewife after seasons of his bitter-betty, panties in a bunch, crude wisecracks. Really, he's just such an angry, gnarly little man! 

Slade and I definitely aren’t the greatest of friends, which you will see this season. We have a few words with each other,” Lydia adds, although she does believe "Gretchen and Slade love each other and support each other." 

Surprisingly Lydia reveals she is friends with Tamra Barney. Ahhh…she's been ensnared in the season-one Tamra love-fest. Next season if Lydia doesn't behave she'll be cast aside and humiliated by the Housewives Medusa like all the others! Lydia says she is also "close" with both Alexis and Heather Dubrow, who have both admitted to mending their relationship and being in a better place now. 

Lydia expresses that Tamra(!), Alexis, and Heather have become "genuine friends" who "don’t twist my words and they get me." She's also said several times she likes Vicki Gunvalson and gets along with her. So that means, Gretchen has done made herself another little enemy! 

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