Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is definitely filming for season 4. And among the rumors of who's been fired and who's been demoted, and who may be joining, the show must go on. 

Some of the ladies spoke with Perez Hilton at a recent Race To Erase MS Event and shared what's been in the works. Surprisingly Kim Richards was present and claims she has "seen" the other women and gets along with all of them. Kim skipped the Bravo Upfronts which is usually a dead giveaway concerning who is axed for the upcoming season!

"Last year was a really tough year. The girls got too nasty and it was too much for me," shares Camille Grammer of her no regrets approach to departing the show.


"I was really sad about being demoted last year," Camille admits. "But this year, I'm OK. I'm at peace with it. It's time for me to move on." 

"I talk to all of them, except for Yolanda [Foster]," says rumored to-be-demoted (or fired!) Kim. "I think we kinda went out on not such a great note, but I have seen her since then and we've made maybe some sort of progress. At least I try…" Kim rambled on and on and then got to this. 

"I get along very well with Brandi [Glanville]. I think Brandi and I have a lot more in common than people realized, and more than I realized. And I really do like her. So it's all about forgiving and moving forward and that's what we've both done." Sounds like a last ditch effort to save your a$$, Rambles

"We're not even allowed to say we're actually doing it – technically – but they came to follow me on Dancing With The Stars, so obviously I'm doing it," hints Lisa Vanderpump of what cameras are capturing for season 4. 


"I think they do a real good job of picking people who do get along, but then we have our firey sides, so I'm sure whoever they do bring on we're gonna love," Kim lies says about the incoming new Housewives. 

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