Real Housewives of New Jersey has some of the best "extras" in the Housewives business. C'mon… what would this show be without Kim D? Nothing and you know it!

Oh the desperate hanger-ons that will do anything for a slice of Bravo camera infamy. They're nefarious, they're brazen, they will stop at nothing to take down a Housewife! 

As we are T -1 day until the epic premiere, we count down the best extras ever to appear on this show! 



First and foremost, KIM G!!!!!!! Her granny-panty pole-shaking, square-tits calling, private driver wrangling, broke down Sex and The City courthouse storming, kicked out of Jesus' Birthday Party butt is my all-time favorite part-time cast member. Oh Kim… why you not hired?


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MILANIA GIUDICE: "Gimme pizza you old troll!" is one of the best quotes to ever come out of RHONJ! Milania's antics are far more entertaining and age-appropriate than the rest of the cast's! How many other six-year-olds have already perfected the "bitch, please…" glare? I so cannot wait until this girl gets her own Bravo talk show in about ten years. And of course writes that tell-all… 

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GREGGY BENNETT: Is he or isn't he… only Albie's friend? We really don't care, but the Manzo boys' ever-present sidekick often provided some serious comic relief and major side-eye to the show. Too bad he won't be back this season. 

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TARZAN: Joe Gorga's special poison-shooting friend is one character we just wish would die. Not literally of course… #Gross

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DANNY: Danielle Staub's criminal mastermind friend hauled Hell's Angels to a fundraiser, probably posted armed guards outside the Caroline Manzo vs. Danielle "clown" face-off, and was pretty much a classic example of wannabe mobsters who just never could make it in the biz. Awww… Danny. You try so hard! Don't mess with the RHONJ DDs (Danny & Danielle). 

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TWITTER: If it weren't for twitter, and specifically Jacqueline Laurita's twitter, RHONJ would just be another ol' Housewives show. *yawn. But add a little Laurita Wine Cellar and the ever-handy iPhone and you got yourself a mess that no producer could dream up! 

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And finally… KIM D!

"D for Diabolical" Kim is the driving force behind some of the most epic reality television drama ever! And who doesn't secretly want to attend the Posche Fashion Show? Me! Me! Me! I cannot help but love the "D for Desperate" Kim with her crazy straw weave, big boy running agendas.

And Kim does run with the big boys… Andy "Puppetmaster" Cohen, that is! I really want a T-shirt that says "I Survived the Posche Fashion Show!" 

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