Celebrity premiere of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey 'Built To Amaze'

Princess Heather Dubrow, most esteemed actress of all times (back off Meryl Streep) took a break from Academy Award winning sitcom guesties to blog about that other thing she does in her spare time outside of winning like all the Tonys in all the world: Real Housewives of Orange County

On the heels of the final installment of the reunion, in which Vicki Gunvalson got the frizz put back in her professionally straightened hair as she was forced to confront all the lameness that is Brooks Ayers, Heather gives her comments on the emotional season and what she hopes is to come. 

"I felt differently this year at the reunion. No longer the 'new girl' I have now formed real relationships with these women and am invested in them," Heather begins. And with real friendships comes real ammunition! 


Onto Vicki! "Vicki is a strong smart woman and she will get through this and find someone appropriate to love," Heather says. "It was so difficult to see how hurt and sad she was by everything that transpired with Brooks." 

The positive in the situation though was Vicki realizing the women cared for her and supported her. "I loved watching everyone support Vicki when she needed it at the reunion. Helping her through a difficult time." Personally, I think Vicki's storyline next season should be getting therapy and then being wooed and love tank filled by an awesome guy that one of the other ladies set her up with! She'll probably still be sneak dating Brooks on the side.

On her burgeoning friendship with Alexis Bellino"I'm so glad Alexis and I are in a good place. We are both loving moms and wives and it's nice to see her and share a hug and a laugh." 

And despite the issues with Lydia McLauglin and her D-list magazine, Heather says they get along great! "I really like Lydia," Heather enthuses, "I think she's been a fun addition to the group."

"As for the whole 'magazine cover' debate. It was OK for me to ask, and it was ok for her to say no. End of story. Lydia and I are friends and (thankfully) I never had to pop a vein!"

However, there is one lady that things are a tad unkosher with, Gretchen "Wannabe Barbie" Rossi! "I miss Gretchen," Heather laments. "Things have been awkward since the reunion, even though we had dinner after the filming."

"I want to say that my comment about feeling 'hollow' after watching her engagement was about none of the girls being at the party, not about the actual engagement," Heather clarifies. "I thought Gretchen did a great job and it was a very sweet moment on the rooftop."

"Even though Terry and I were sad to not be included in Gretchen and Slade's special day — we still celebrated with them. Terry and I took them out to dinner and bought them an engagement gift." Heather and Terry gave Gretchen Tiffany candlesticks – probably the most valuable thing they own next to Gretchen's ring! 

Oh yeah, and Heather also moved. Not sure where yet as Dream House 2.0 is being built for next season's storyline. 

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Gretchen with her engagement present from Heather. [Credit: Instagram]

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