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Well it may be too little too late, but Heather Dubrow is finally admitting that her gossiping was off the chain and she owes Shannon Beador an apology!

However Heather did not feel Lizzie Rovsek‘s dinner party was the place for Shannon to pursue that apology – or any other kind of drama for that matter. 

“If Shannon was looking for an apology from me, why at a dinner party? Why start the party with ‘do the Dubrows want to take us down’? Why not talk to me privately before the party? I ran into Shannon at the hairdresser a couple of hours before the party and we made polite conversation. I was sort of hoping we could have a nice time at Lizzie’s party, put some distance between our troubles and THEN talk,” Heather explains. 


And since she’s obviously been reading twitter, the Real Housewives of Orange County star admits that possibly it’s time for her to cop to some wrongdoing and bad behavior. Juuuust a little! “I did owe her an apology,” Heather admits. “But that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is my fault. It seems every time Shannon has a reason to be mad at Tamra [Barney], she gets a pass and it gets deflected to me. I did realize that I haven’t been able to let it go with Shannon, because I felt at this time that she was hurting my friendship with Tamra.”

OK – I agree with Heather there. Yes, Tamra is the one who started all of this drama, from start to finish – and should bear the brunt of the blame from Shannon. However Heather has some part in it – she is no innocent. Heather repeated gossip that she knew was hurtful, she was disrespectful in her treatment of Shannon at Lizzie’s party (and prior), and more than that she’s shown a total lack of compassion, instead behaving completely self-absorbed and self-righteous. Furthermore, she’s just being mean! 

As for her actions at Lizzie’s house, Heather has an excuse for that too. “When Shannon stormed out of Lizzie’s party she was obviously upset. I didn’t go outside to see what was going on because clearly I was part of the problem and didn’t want to make it worse.”

“I asked if we should call an ambulance because as the other women came back in the house they were talking about Shannon as if she was having a mental breakdown. After watching the footage, this clearly wasn’t the case,” Heather concedes

And finally a compliment: “I thought it was gutsy of Shannon to come back in the house and say goodbye. Not many people would have done that.”

If Heather would have just apologized from the get-go for discussing Shannon’s email, and then directed her to ask Tamra (without being hostile) I think all of this could have been avoided. Instead Heather was nasty from the start and as Vicki described, was kicking Shannon while she was down. I expect better from you Dubrow – although maybe I shouldn’t! A little compassion goes a long way… 


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