kris jenner and new man corey gamble. Is he using her for fame?

Monyetta Shaw is on a show called Atlanta Exes but reveals: never say never, where her ex Ne-Yo is concerned! How would that work for her reality career? Can we say: Spinoff! And Kris Jenner may have found a new man, but is he with her for the right reasons?

Monyetta said that shortly after they gave birth to their second child, Ne-Yo admitted he wasn’t ready for the commitment of marriage, but time has changed his perspective. “He just wasn’t ready for monogamy,” she explained. “I’m a human being and I’m a woman. It hurts, but you can’t make a person feel a certain way and I’m okay with that and what I realize is it wasn’t my stuff. It was his stuff. It was his issues.” 


Though the exes have moved on to other relationships, they still have tight connection. “I always see us being very close friends, but who knows what God has planned,” Monyetta admitted to Sister2Sister

Uhhh… this sounds like Monyetta isn’t ready to give up on Ne-Yo, while Ne-Yo is willing to have his cake and eat it too! Maybe they should just go on Couples Therapy

Moving on, Sheree Buchanan has something in common with Kris Jenner – besides reality TV, that is! It’s Kris’ new man Corey Gamble!

Sheree told VH1’s The Gossip Roundtable that she and Corey were together for 3 years before they broke up, but the exes always remained civil and kept in contact – which is how she knows of his scheme to move up the famous celebrity exes ladder! 

Fast forward to today, Corey has been spotted riding Pimpmomma Kris‘ Cougar Train, now that she’s divorced from Bruce Jenner! Sheree put Corey on blast revealing that it was always his plan to make a sex tape “date a rich white woman.”

I would think Kris was smarter than to take the bait of an obvious grift, but then I remember she’s been married to Bruce for a zillion years and is desperate to be Kim. Kris recently celebrated her 59th birthday with Corey by her side and gushed that life is “so delicious!” I’m sure Kris is using Corey too – for a Keeping Up With The Kardashians storyline! 

Sheree is not bitter, however, she wishes Corey and Kris all the luck and happiness. As for herself, she’s moved on to an NFL player. Once an A-list Ex, always an A-list ex, I suppose. 


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