Porsha Williams is paying Claudia Jordan no mind, but unfortunately Claudia can’t say the same about Porsha! Claudia has seemingly made animosity towards Porsha her storyline, but Porsha says she’s unbothered – except for Claudia attempting to get her in trouble with their boss Rickey Smiley

“It was really irritating, actually,” the Real Housewives Of Atlanta extra says. “Every morning I come in for ‘Dish Nation,’ and we just want to have a good time. So it was a bit ‘extra,’ yeah.”

“Let me please clear up once and for all that I have no workplace drama nor have I had drama for CLAWdia,” Porsha continues. “Rickey and my Dish Nation co-workers have a wonderful relationship. The atmosphere is carefree and everyone displays professional behavior. It was a bit disheartening that she would try to bring that petty mess to my job.” Especially considering it’s Porsha’s only real job! #Demoted


“It seems as though Claudia doesn’t know the difference between her sitting in a chair for the morning radio show and my sitting in the same chair to record Dish Nation for television. It doesn’t constitute she and I being co-workers,” Porsha explains to OK! Magazine. “Although, I definitely speak when entering the room, it’s called being a professional.”

Wait – I thought being professional was coming to “support” your co-worker by starting a fight with her at a company party, then tattling to the boss that said co-worker ignores you? I guess I’ve been reading different employee handbooks all my life! 

But Porsha maintains neither Claudia nor Kenya Moore really get to her. “I don’t pay them any attention. I have so much going on.” Unfortunately Claudia and Kenya only seem to have Porsha going on! “First Kenya, now Claudia actually using me, Porsha Williams, as her ‘storyline,'” she observes.

 “I think that [Claudia] was just looking for something to talk about, and I’m very interesting to her, apparently,” Porsha quipped to the NY Post. “She just can’t get enough of Porsha, I guess.”

As for Kenya inserting Porsha into her sitcom, Porsha is confused. “It’s weird that all of her little moneymaking schemes somehow include the people that she claims to despise,” she wonders. 

Well, I’ve had enough. Will these two “extras” please take themselves someplace else now?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]


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