Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow

We can always count on Heather Dubrow to focus on herself instead of the low-base bullshit drama of her castmates. So when the candle flame starts to flicker, we also know she’ll be the first one out the door scooting home to a life of champs and Chanel.

Heather’s reactions to last night’s Real Housewives Of Orange County is no exception. Heather and Terry launched their book Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig, which was sadly overshadowed by Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador‘s passive aggressive weirdness. Despite this, Heather’s choosing to focus on the positive.


“We were so happy to celebrate with everyone,” explains Heather, “and just wanted to keep the drama at bay after the candle party!”

On meeting Vicki’s new boyfriend Steve Lodge, Heather admits the ladies were putting him to the test. “Tamra was so funny doing a background check! Can’t be too careful!”

Kelly and Michael continue to have issues,” contrasts Heather in Bravo blog. “The Costco episode was disturbing and Michael harassing my friend Simara was also not cool. I though Kelly handled it really well.”

On visiting Shannon’s new rental, Heather was shocked that Shannon kept saying “how dumpy it was” when it was actually “really amazing.”

“I brought Shannon a pink Himalayan salt block because she’s such a good cook!” Heather says, explaining her fat-retaining gift. “Hard to buy something for someone who has everything!” And I think Heather actually means everything – I mean did you see how many boxes of STUFF Shannon has?!

Finally, Heather touches on Meghan Edmond‘s trip to Ireland, and the ladies’ totally spontaneous decision to tag along.

“When Meghan brought up Ireland I was immediately intrigued. This group usually has a lot of fun when we travel together and now that everyone seems to be moving on – it might be just what we need!”

Heather’s desire to go was also personal and stems from her grandmother.

“My late beloved grandmother (the same one who died from colon cancer that we discussed earlier in the season) had been there years ago and brought me home a sprig of ‘heather’…a flower that grows wild there. I still have it dried in an envelope with my name on the envelope in her handwriting,” shares Heather. “I love Meghan, understood her need to go, and selfishly wanted to go and bring home a bit of ‘heather’ for my kids.”

Well, the ladies usually have a lot of fun, but we all know this time..not so much.


[Photo Credit:  Roy Rochlin/Getty Images]


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