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In my opinion, the ladies on Real Housewives of New York were way too hard on Sonja Morgan last season. From criticizing her (attempted) business ventures to her partying habits, everyone was coming for her. So, Sonja shut them all up and decided to stop drinking.

No one is perfect, but Sonja was unfairly treated as a human punching bag last season. So it will be interesting to see how people interact with her next season since she has been sober for so long and is surprisingly successful with her clothing line. On a recent podcast, Sonja opened up about what it is like being on the show, having regrets, and the other women’s drinking.


Sonja discussed how she feels the cast members are constantly coming for her in an interview with Page Six. Sonja complained, “I can never get over it these women, they just keep coming at me with new drama.” Well, yeah. Sorry, Sonja, but that’s how these Real Housewives shows work. Without the drama and the pot stirring, this franchise would not exist.

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I hate to say this, but at the very least, the show is a steady source of income for Sonja, who has had some financial difficulties (to put it mildly). Still, Sonja admitted, “I do have regrets about doing the show sometimes I say to myself ‘Do I really want to do another season,’ but if Bravo wants to continue to work with me then that is fine. It has given me independence and an additional way to take care of my daughter.”

I honestly half believe that. As horrible as these women can be to her, I doubt that Sonja would ever leave this consistent paycheck and megawatt exposure.

Still, Sonja has made some major improvements and has decided to become sober thanks to the criticism from the ladies. Sonja recapped, “I stopped drinking because last season they said that I had a drinking problem.” Which I find very interesting since the rest of the cast parties HARD. Pot, meet kettle.

The drinking (and whatever else) seems to be at a high when the cast goes on vacations together, so I can’t imagine that it’s easy for Sonja to remain sober in that situation.

Sonja explained, “The downside of the show is when we do a trip and the ladies drink too much. Those situations can be pressure cookers. When I see those liquor bottles come out I start to do a mental countdown.” Poor Sonja. The paycheck and the fame seem to be worth dealing with these women, but maybe I’m wrong?

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Sonja called out her RHONY co-stars, “I would like to see them quit and do the show sober – let’s see how they like it.” Exactly. They are always drinking, yet somehow Sonja is the “only one” with a problem. SMH.


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