The Real Housewives Of New York Recap: A Slippery Slope

In all honesty, Tinsley Mortimer isn’t bringing much to Real Housewives of New York. Then again, pretty much no one is, which I’m sure is tough to do after they had the best season ever last year. Hopefully they turn things around with this Mexico trip (and Luann de Lesseps drunkenly falling into the bushes), but the episodes up to this point have been a total snooze fest. The only thing going on is Bethenny Frankel’s feud with Ramona Singer, which has dragged out way too long and just isn’t entertaining anymore.

Still, it did get kind of weird when Bethenny and Ramona attempted to have a “private” conversation in front of the cameras for a cast dinner. Then Bethenny got weirdly offended when other people eavesdropped even though no one could help listening in to a conversation that was happening a few inches away from them.

Poor Tinsley. She just doesn’t seem to be cut out for this Housewife life. She’s a nice little minnow swimming in a tank full of sharks. She is way too normal to handle this circus, let alone thrive.

Tinsley wrote about the last episode in her Bravo blog. “Bethenny really surprised me when she called me out for noticing her conversation with Ramona. I understand that these two are having a battle, but we’ve all been affected by what’s been going on and are all hoping for a peaceful resolution to relieve some of the tension. If she wanted the conversation to be private, she should have taken Ramona aside, away from a small round table of nosey girls. AND…I wasn’t the only one who happened to glance over or who was paying attention during the conversation. Everyone was eavesdropping, but I was the only one to get busted for it. Ridic!”

Agreed. That whole thing just made no sense, but we were subjected to watching this since there’s absolutely nothing else happening this season.

Aside from getting the side eye from Bethenny, Tinsley let Carole Radziwill set her up with a friend named Scott for a double date. It was pretty awkward watching the date and their impromptu make out session. Still, Tinsley wrote, “Does anyone out there believe in love at first sight?! I certainly didn’t until locking eyes with cute Scott from Chicago. His shy demeanor, his smile, and his quiet confidence intrigued me immediately. Wow! We’re almost soul mates.”

Wait. What? Soul mates? Is that her way of saying that they’re still dating? What is going on?

Tinsley continued, “Between the Tito’s and Leo’s and loving lounging by a pool instead of a beach, this guy is right up my alley…not to mention he is also a modest self-made man who claims to be a computer nerd…just what I was looking for! Having said this, there is absolutely NOTHING nerdy about this guy. He’s darling and brilliant. I was feeling a great vibe from him, so I just had to go in for a smooch. Shoot me! Guys go in for the kiss all the time. Why can’t I?”

Other evidence that Tinsley might still be dating this guy is that she gave a shout out to his website and referred to the two of them as a match made in heaven: “I’m so excited! It all sounds perfect. Scott’s company,, has endless promo codes for all the major brands I love, so how could this possibly be wrong? I love to shop! Seems like a match made in Heaven.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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