Love her or hate her, if you watch Real Housewives of Dallas, you have LeeAnne Locken to thank for making season one interesting and giving Bravo a reason to renew the show for its second season. If it wasn’t for LeeAnne, RHOD would have been (even more of) a total snooze fest last year.

Still, LeeAnne surprisingly took a backseat during the season two premiere thanks to the rift between Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. LeeAnne didn’t fade into the background though. She inserted herself in the feud to protect her new BFF Brandi.

LeeAnne opened up about the episode in her Bravo blog.

She admitted, “I was surprised, however, as I watched this first episode, to see Stephanie Hollman, someone who was so adamant against gossiping at the reunion, gossiping away on camera by reading the blog of someone she knows truly despises me.” Not only did Stephanie read the blog out loud, but she also seemed to be truly amused by the scandal.

LeeAnne claimed, “I’ve also come to see that the sweet, innocent person I thought Stephanie was is not who she actually is. In fact, I was shocked to hear her call Brandi Redmond a ‘mean girl,’ while blaming her marriage difficulties on Brandi. I could never imagine speaking like that about someone I love or have loved, no matter how hurt I was.”

Even though LeeAnne has turned into Brandi’s BFF and is against Stephanie during the first episode, one person she seems to be all right with is Cary Deuber. Or at least that’s what she thought… until she actually watched the episode.

She explained, “You can imagine how strange and sad it was for me to see her sit there during this episode, saying nothing, while Stephanie curiously (and excitedly) read this gossip. It was like she was fine letting Stephanie’s words roll out, keeping her mouth shut about my side of things. There I was, giving Cary an open-hearted opportunity, and it seems, by listening to her confessionals, that she has no desire to either get to know me nor to give me a chance. So, my question is, why even act like you care? If, in reality, you don’t. I agreed at the dog park that it wasn’t my position to have ever brought up Cary’s situation, and yet, she didn’t seem to care that Stephanie went on her juicy gossip spree about me.”

LeeAnne didn’t hold back her feelings when she said, “Over all, I’m finding that both Cary and Stephanie, while being polite to my face, are being very nasty behind the scenes.” She continued, “For Cary to explain how much she was hurt and then do nothing while Stephanie read the blog, has made me question if either her pain was real or if she’s just interested in seeing me in pain?” Truth be told, Cary doesn’t seem to have any interest in LeeAnne other than making an entertaining reality TV show with her.

And then LeeAnne got to that text message Brandi told her about en route to Mark Deuber’s birthday party. Brandi told her not to mention it to anyone, but LeeAnne totally forgot about that and confronted Cary about it that same night. LeeAnne wrote, “In the car, when Brandi told me about Stephanie’s text message, every ounce of me ignited into flames. I felt so lied to, played, and manipulated. The question is, who did all of that to me? Was it Stephanie? Or was it Cary?”

She explained, “That’s why I went back into Mark’s party to ask Cary for the truth, with no one else in between. When she said that she didn’t reach out to Stephanie and that she had nothing to do with the text message Stephanie sent to Brandi, it put all of my focus on Stephanie. After all, I had to trust what Cary was saying. What other choice did I have? Then, I just became so confused at Stephanie’s philosophy. How could someone who wants the world to view her as sweet and innocent be so blatantly cruel? It hurt.” Damn. Those are some fighting words.

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