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If LeeAnne Locken wasn’t on the first Real Housewives of Dallas season, the show would not be back for a second season. Sure, other things happened, but does anyone even remember/care? No, not really. LeeAnne and her drama made the show worth watching. A big part of LeeAnne’s entertainment value was the fact that she was at odds with pretty much every cast member during Season 1.

So it’s really not surprising that Cary Deuber has no interest in being friends with LeeAnne this season after they came at each other for attending D’Andra Simmons‘ wedding (yes, that was seriously a point of contention) and LeeAnne accused Cary of breaking up her husband’s previous marriage. Obviously they weren’t going to start Season 2 as BFFs.

In an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Cary made it clear that she has been good friends with the entire cast for years – except for LeeAnne. That was not shocking at all. Even when she was asked about who she is genuinely friends with Cary stated, “Pretty much everyone except for LeeAnne really.” Obviously.

When she was asked, “Is LeeAnne as bat shit bananas as she seems or is she misunderstood?” Cary didn’t hesitate to say, “Yeah.” Then she teased, “You kind of have to wait and see what happens her. I don’t want to give too much away because I think there is a lot coming. She is what she is. That’s all I can really say.”

Cary said, “You’ve seen her. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s pretty bananas.” Still Cary had to admit, “She’s pretty funny. She’s a good contribution, that’s for sure. She’s a good contributing factor to the show. She’s definitely bananas.” A contributing factor? Come on. LeeAnne IS the show. Or at least that was the case last year. Sure, she wasn’t the most likable person on the show, but she is definitely the one who made it interesting. LeeAnne gave the cast mates and the viewers something to talk about.

Hopefully Season 2 is more balanced as far as who contributes to the drama. Cary said, “This season I think you’re going to see a change in the group dynamic with adding two new girls and just kind of the way everything shifts. Us hashing that out. It’s going to be an entertaining ride. That’s the good news. You’re going to see some yelling and tears, but you’re also going to see a lot of fun because we have a lot of good times together too.” Let’s hope so.

Moving away from the Real Housewives of Dallas talk, Cary discussed life as a fledgling Bravolebrity and which other Bravo stars she’s met and keeps in touch with. She shared, “I actually met Tamra [Judge]. I really like her a lot. Tamra was texting me last night. She’s so sweet and so supportive.” I would love to see those screen shots.

Cary added, “Dolores [Catania], from Jersey, we talk quite a bit. She’s a cool chick. She was in medical – I think a tech – at one point. I talk to Dorinda [Medley] somewhat. ”

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