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I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

So is that an Idol in your pocket, or are you just happy that Survivor is back? Not only did the show kick off its 35th season Wednesday night, but the premiere episode also gave us an impromptu strip search! Woohoo! Add that to the more than one reference about getting into people’s pants, and you’d have to agree that this season got crazy real quick. It looks to be that kind of cast, apparently.

But not everything was loose and care-free tonight, as the first three days in the game have already produced a few confrontations, a “Super Idol” and a head-scratcher of a Tribal Council. If you’re just starting to follow this column, I welcome you and hope you join us all season! Please remember that this recap assumes that you have already seen this week’s Premiere Episode of Survivor: HHH, so if you have not and don’t want to be spoiled, please come back later! It’s important to add too that while we WILL hit on all of the important developments of the episode, this is not a linear “blow-by-blow” recap, and is more of a discussion and reaction of what we just witnessed together. I’m stoked to be back, so let’s get to it!


I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident

Survivor is back, baby! Only fans and purists will believe you when you announce that Survivor – the original and best Reality TV Competition Program – is about to enter its 35th (!!!) season on Wednesday night. It’s just a regular-sized ep (one hour) but it promises to be packed with tons of excitement and interesting characters for you to root for – or against – as 18 all-new contestants begin the 39-day-long competition for the one-million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor.

We’re going to get you set up and ready for the Premiere Episode, Wednesday, September 27 at 8 pm on CBS. Now is the time to get back into Survivor if you’ve taken some time away, and now is the time to get some new people hooked on the show! There is not a more easily accessible show to jump onto than Survivor, as it re-establishes itself with every new season. Sure, host Jeff Probst always fills us up with lofty expectations of greatness each and every new season, but for Season 35, he promises “one of the best finishes” ever!


Survivor is back and so am I! Today CBS released info on all 18 of the new cast members that will be competing on the show’s 35th (!) season that is set to premiere on Wednesday, September 27 at 8pm EST. They also released new details on a few game twists that we can expect, one of which will be revealed during the premiere episode and will surely play a big factor in the game.

Let’s take a look at the new cast!


There's A New Sheriff in Town

Season 34 of Survivor, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X, is a thing of the past, having ended this past Wednesday night. So where does this past season fit in to my list of most memorable?

When ranking the most memorable seasons of Survivor, “best” can mean a lot of things, so my list takes into consideration not only the “best” season but the most “memorable” seasons of all time, as they may eventually be remembered from our current vantage point. Obviously the most recent season is freshest in our minds, so the list also takes that into account. Determining factors include memorable players, situations, Tribal Councils, the impact the season had – or will have – on future seasons, and just overall where I feel the season ranks. Everyone has their opinion, so be sure to voice whether you agree or disagree with my rankings. Here goes!


The Stakes Have Been Raised

No season of Survivor would be complete if we didn’t compile the all-time list of winners each season. With 34 seasons now in the rear-view, we just witnessed Sarah Lacina becoming the latest person to win Survivor…but where does this heroic cop-turned-criminal sit on the all-time list?

Each season of Survivor is unique, featuring its own set of rules, and players. Sometimes, comparing who is “best” comes down purely to one’s own personal opinion.

All 33 people who won Survivor obviously did something right in their season to have won. So this ranking is based on three things, and it’s quite simple: How the person played the game – their particular winning season – according to Survivor’s moniker of “Outwit,” “Outplay,” “Outlast.” Read on in order to see the Top 10 Survivor Winners of All-Time and where Sarah Lacina ultimately ranks.

Survivor Game Changers

A season of Survivor called “Game Changers” had a lot to live up to, but it delivered on all accounts. Wednesday night saw Season 34 come to a close with four Tribal Councils that whittled down the remaining six contestants to just one…the Sole Survivor and winner of the million dollar prize.

It was a dramatic ending to what has been a crazy season, and I had the chance to speak with all six of the Final Six players in the game heading into the Finale, including the winner. But before we proceed, you know the drill: Make sure only to read on if you have seen this week’s episode, as spoilers are to follow! Turn back now! If you want to get caught up, be sure to check out the Finale Episode Recap here.


Survivor: Game Changers finale

Well that just happened! The 34th Season of Survivor just came to a close, living up to its “Game Changers” title right up until the end. We entered the night with six players remaining in the game and ended with just one…the Sole Survivor…which was announced live in front of a studio audience in Los Angeles. But wow was it an explosive (or implosive, for some) Finale Episode!

I’m here to discuss and process what we just saw, so sit back and get ready to take a deep dive into the Finale and the pretty well-ran (for a change) Live Reunion Show that followed. Spoilers aplenty after the break, so proceed with caution!


Survivor Finale

That’s pretty much the question isn’t it? Tonight, the 34th (!!!) season of Survivor – the world’s greatest Reality Competition TV Show – will come to a close, where one of the six remaining “game changers” will be crowned the Sole Survivor and win a million dollars. Like we have grown accustomed to, tonight we will be treated with a two-hour finale episode, followed by the one-hour live reunion show, where hopefully Sia doesn’t show up this year.

And boy oh boy is there a lot of game still to be played. Not only are we down to six people, but there are still three Immunity Idols and the “Legacy Advantage” still in play heading into tonight. Get strapped in and ready, because we’re about to break down the chances of the remaining players left in the game and get you set for tonight’s big finish.