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Jules Wainstein

Besides getting her coochie-coo checked out by a plastic surgeon this week, Jules Wainstein didn’t play a large role on The Real Housewives of New York. So…she’s decided to talk more about LAST week’s episode! In her blog, Jules reiterates her disdain for mean girls, namely Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill. (I may be numbed by watching WAY too much reality TV, but if Jules thinks what she’s experienced is truly mean girl behavior from her cast mates….well, strap in and get a helmet, girlfriend!)

Jules begins, “It takes a lot to get me angry. I always go into situations with an open heart and mind and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but there is only so much negative energy I can stand until even I get defensive and lash out. I believe that people should take responsibility for the energy they bring into the room, and recognize that this energy shapes and affects our interactions with others.”



What everyone suspected is true: Kathryn Edwards was a one-season wonder after all. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie will not return for season 7, despite her (somewhat strained) attempt to cause enough drama to be relevant. 

Kathryn, who calls herself a “pretty private person,” looks back fondly at her short stint on RHOBH. She reflects, “I walk away from it all with great feelings. I have no regrets at all.” Citing “time” as the reason she’s leaving, Kathryn says she wants to spend more of it with those she values, her husband and family. “I really didn’t want to miss another year. It’s nice to be able to live life.”



With Little Women: LA poised to return for season 4 next week, of course stories are surfacing about the show’s hottest – and most vile – storyline: Briana Renee’s marriage to Matt Ericson (Grundhoffer). Secondary to the couple’s constant turmoil is the baby storyline – who’s having one, who’s just had one (or two in Elena Gant’s case!), and who desperately wants one (cough, cough…Christy McGinity Gibel). 

Suffice to say, it’s going to be a season packed with drama, babies, and fractured friendships. In a recent interview, Terra Jole spoke out about the state of her relationship with former bestie Briana. An avid hater of all things Matt (which doesn’t really separate her from the rest of humanity), Terra says she still doesn’t want to throw away a lifelong friendship with Briana. Terra claims she and Briana are currently on speaking terms but, “Whether it’s great or horrible is a whole new story.”



St. Louis fans were really in an uproar when the St. Louis Rams were moved to California and were renamed as the Los Angeles Rams. So now I’m pretty curious about how people will react to the new E! reality show associated with the reborn NFL team.

I feel like E! loves these sports-related shows these days, but none of them are major hits, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes on top of the fact that the LA Rams are a pretty polarizing team these days.


Lisa Vanderpump return to RHOBH

Dahhhhlings, we may now safely un-clutch our pearls! It’s official: the queen bee shall return to season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Despite rumors that Lisa Vanderpump may have been exiting the franchise, the reality star has now confirmed that she’s signed on for another season. However, she’s got some stipulations for Bravo. (And why shouldn’t she!?)

Lisa, who needs neither the money nor the fame, has negotiated with Bravo on what she wants her storyline’s focus to be, namely her charity work. A long time LGBT and animal rights advocate, Lisa is demanding asking that the cameras focus on her work in the fight against AIDS and in putting an end to the horrific Yulin dog market, which celebrates a dog-meat eating festival yearly. 


Briana Renee

For a woman who has lashed out at viewers for judging her too harshly, Briana Renee sure loves to spread her dirt around in public! Telling the press this week that her parents are forbidden from meeting their grandchild, her new son Maverick Jax, the Little Women: LA star claims it’s all “out of protection for my son.” 

Briana, who is married to the illustrious sexting aficionado, Matt Ericson (Grundhoffer), accuses her parents of spreading lies about her and her marriage. In an interview this spring, Briana’s father told media sources that he was afraid for his daughter, who he deemed “gullible,” and that Matt was a master manipulator who controlled every aspect of Briana‘s life, including her phone communication. Briana hasn’t spoken to her parents in over a year. 


Dina Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t seem like Dina Manzo‘s happy place when she reluctantly appeared on it in her last season. But no matter! She’s found her happy place in real life now, with younger love interest, businessman Dave Cantin. The couple met through work in Dina’s charitable organization, Project Ladybug.

After her divorce, Dina says she was sort of “done” with dating. “I was fine just never falling in love again,” says Dina, but adds “you know, I guess some things happen when you’re not really looking for it.” Cantin was also in the process of divorcing when the duo met. Dina attributes their compatibility to their shared passion for helping others. She says she and Dave are both “really passionate about helping children with cancer,” which is the mission of Project Ladybug.


Little Women: LA reunion

Little Women: LA is gearing up for season 5, yet I am not fully recovered from the depressing spectre that was the LWLA: Matt and Briana, Ride Or Die 2-part special.  Despite outcry from viewers about Matt Ericson (aka Grundhoffer) and Briana Renee even being FIT to appear on this season’s LWLA, appear they do. (A grassroots petition was even started to ban the toxic couple from Lifetime.) Moreover, Matt’s sexting scandal seems to be a major storyline that will continue to play out in weeks to come. 

We all know (in disturbing detail) about Matt’s despicable behavior: that he was explicitly sexting other women while his wife, Briana, was pregnant with their son. That he ultimately blamed Briana for having “a part to play” in his gross misdeeds. That he’s an angry, vengeful, and downright frightening dude. We also know that Briana, in her codependent and depressed state, ultimately forgave her bad boy for all of this – and more. But apparently, she’s not too pleased with a new turn of events. Trans model Plastic Martyr – a former friend of Briana’s – has already filmed a scene with LWLA star Christy McGinity Gibel in which she describes the “naked photos and sick messages over Instagram” Matt sent her.