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Little Women: LA recap

I love watching Little Women: LA, but I’m just not here for the drama Christy McGinity keeps stirring up. She was absolutely out of line when she randomly brought Plastic Martyr to a photo shoot Tonya Banks had for her active wear line.

Christy was so insistent on exposing Briana Renee’s husband Matt Ericson for having an Instagram back and forth for the millionth time, and now Tonya is being dragged into a huge mess since Christy and Plastic are accusing her of being transphobic toward Plastic.


Little Women: LA recap

After Christy McGinity brought her new trusty sidekick, Plastic Martyr, to Tonya Banksphoto shoot last week, the ladies of Little Women: LA are pretty much done with her. Christy was attempting one last Hail Mary to get these women to understand how much of a dirt bag Briana Renee’s hubby, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer], was and continues to be. (Although I truly don’t think anyone needs further convincing. WE GET IT.)

Despite her motives – which were decent – Christy’s delivery left a whole lot to be desired. She’s desperate. And, like grandma says, desperation is the worst perfume! The whole scene pretty much stinks, stank, stunk. Now it’s time to rehash that mess as the ladies gather this week for Elena Gant’s surprise birthday party. Because, what’s a LWLA event really worth if it doesn’t sport a few murder threats and potential lawsuits? Happy birthday, Elena!    


Lila and Tera fight on Little Women NY

If you watch Little Women: LA and/or Little Women: NY, you know that Lila Call and Terra Jole cannot stand each other. They have come to blows on both of the Lifetime reality shows, but I figured that Lila would be somewhat happy that Terra is the first little person to go on Dancing With the Stars, right? Well, as per usual, Lila has a lot to say about Terra being on the show and a lot to say about Terra herself.

I understand why Terra and Lila do not like each other and I feel no need to rehash it, but why do they still need to be talking about each other and talking about new things at that? Just leave the past in the past and do not stir up new drama. But then again, these girls are famous for being on reality shows so drama is par for the course and encouraged. What was I thinking? If you live for the controversy, you’ll definitely be interested in Lila’s opinion about Terra on Dancing With the Stars.


Little Women: LA recap

It was only a matter of time before another scandal reared its ugly head in the lives of Briana Renee and Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. And last night’s Little Women: LA decided to make this latest scandal its main event! Well, with the help of Christy McGinity Gibel, that is, who pretty much has zero allies left within her former friend group. And since she is “dead” to Briana anyway, what should a little unearthing of sexts to transgender models matter anyway?

I mean, Matt surely has a thousand more dirty deeds up his sleeve just waiting to blow up his marriage! His sexting habits with people who are NOT his wife are much like a lizard that grows its tail back after having it chopped off. Oddly fascinating, yet totally grotesque. These women can hack at Matt all they want, but because of Briana’s delusional loyalty, he’s essentially the zombie cheater. He cannot be destroyed!   


Terra Jole & Sasha Farber on DWTS

Terra Jole is the littlest contestant to ever compete on Dancing With The Stars, but she’s not letting her height or the recent birth of her son stand in her way!

Terra and her pro partner, Sasha Farber, performed a Jive in the season 23 premiere. The Little Women: LA star decided participating in DWTS was important both as a challenge to herself and to “hopefully to show other people with disabilities that anything is possible.” 


Little Women LA petition

Newsflash! Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] is not a good guy. But Little Women: LA star Briana Renee likes to think so, and has been campaigning the public to fall in line for a number of years now. Guess what, Briana? It ain’t gonna happen!

Briana’s own father, Robert Kealiher, has been very vocal about his feelings on Briana Renee’s marriage, namely that Matt has manipulated her into a near state of total isolation from family and friends ever since he appeared on the scene. But now the stakes are higher – despite having announced to the world that their son Maverick Jax was born in late June of this year, Briana and Matt are still barring Briana‘s parents from meeting their infant grandson.  



On last night’s Little Women: LA, Briana Renee and Matt Ericson became the proud parents of new son, Maverick Jax. But Briana isn’t out of the woods yet. Her troubled pregnancy has left her exhausted and in need of some serious recovery time. Meanwhile, the 400 other pregnant women on this show are planning a Murder Party! Because someone must die at some point on LWLA, if only in theory. There will be blood.

Elena Gant and Terra Jole are at a Russian spa getting mud masks. Neither of them have heard from Briana since she fled her pre-pop party the day before. She was having pain and, at 35 weeks pregnant, she might have been going into pre-term labor. Why are these chicks worried? Briana communicates with NO ONE when she is in a crisis, so this is nothing new. Plus, Matt does not allow her to use her phone while she’s in the hospital or otherwise. Duh. 



When one has nowhere left to turn with creative ways to bash one’s former friends, one must turn toward more outlandish methods. Like accuse them of being hardcore drug addicts, for example! At least that’s what Terra Jole and crew have decided to do to Christy McGinity Gibel on last night’s Little Women: LA. At least the heat is (somewhat) off Tonya Banks for a minute! Little Boss needs a Little Break. 

But first we must make a pit stop with Briana Renee and Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] as they go out to lunch to discuss a “Pre-Pop Party.” Lest we waste too many brain cells on what sort of party this is, here’s the definition: It’s another excuse to create drama among the group whilst celebrating the fruit of Matt’s loins. It’s also another excuse to not invite Christy to something.  


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