Gretchen Rossi Denies Suicide Claim on 911 Tape

Gretchen Rossi
Gretchen Rossi

The OC Soap Opera is never ending when it comes to Gretchen Rossi. Radar Online has posted a 911 tape today in which Jay Photoglou (the man claiming to have been Gretchen’s boyfriend while she was engaged to Jeff) tells 911 operators that Gretchen had tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

The most interesting part of this tape is that Gretchen could be heard saying in the background “I did not try to commit suicide at all” before taking the phone from Jay and telling the operators “he tried to break into my house and I finally opened the door. He decided to call 911…he’s been ringing the door bell for the last 25 minutes.”

Gretchen claimed they had a disagreement at the bar earlier, and then referred to Jay as her boyfriend during this call. This call occurred just days before the reunion was taped, and as you can recall Gretchen denied any romantic involvement with Jay during the Reunion show.

Jay had been working hard for the past few weeks to get this 911 tape made public. It seems his sleaziness and quest to ruin Gretchen is never ending.

You can listen to the call at Radar Online.