It’s that special time again Reality Tea readers!

We’re midway through the sixth season of the Real Housewives of Orange County so what better time to bring you some before/old school/blackmail photos of your favorite OC housewives. On the top left is none other than Tamra Sue Barney and on the right is a teenage Gretchen Rossi! (Feel free to click on either image to make it bigger).

Below are way more before they were famous photos including some shots of Alexis Bellino and hubby Jim Bellino before any plastic surgery, Peggy Tanous during her modeling days, a much younger Vicki Gunvalson and hubby Donn. Plus more awesome shots of Tamra & her wild 80s hairstyles, and more Gretchen!

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Alexis Bellino and hubby Jim Bellino before the chimplant?


An old school glamour shot of Alexis Bellino


A young Alexis Bellino


Alexis Bellino with her parents


Gretchen Rossi from back in the day


Gretchen again


A picture of a young Gretchen Rossi with her brother


Gretchen Rossi with her parents


Gretchen Rossi rocking a bikini!


A young Peggy Tanous


Peggy Tanous still looks the same today as back in the day


Peggy Tanous sports a bikini during her modeling days


A younger Vicki Gunvalson


Vicki Gunvalson with her kids Michael and Briana Wolfsmith


Vicki Gunvalson and hubby Donn Gunvalson


Vicki relaxes at the beach


An old shot of Vicki Gunvalson and her family


Tamra Barney with her son Ryan as a baby


Tamra Barney as a young girl


A foxy Tamra Barney from back in the day


Tamra Barney Shows Off Her Rocking Bikini Body!


Tamra Barney with son Ryan on the left and Simon Barney on the right