Oh, the repercussions of Costa Mexico!  Just once I’d love to write something happy or positive about one of Bravo’s housewives franchises, but alas, I may have to wait until 2013.  Here’s hoping!  Oh well, onto the Real Housewives of Orange County!  Before we begin, let me start with a disclaimer I seem to tout with all of these housewives posts.  These women are all pretty much ridiculous.  (Not you, Heather Dubrow.  Want to plan a wardrobe swap soon?  I’ve got some great Target pieces I think you’d really love to wear!  Call me. #eventrade)

With all the fallout from the recent intervention (you know, the one that let Alexis Bellino know she’s shallow and pretentious…so nothing like her co-stars), it was rumored that the reunion may be missing a cast member.  Thankfully, Alexis didn’t pull a Jacqueline Laurita, and she was there to face Andy Cohen’s music with the rest of her O.C. cohorts.

CLICK CONTINUE READING FOR THE REST! reports that, while Alexis didn’t want to join her frenemies on Bravo’s plush sofas, she did attend the reunion taping.  A source tells the site, “At the end of the day, Alexis is still very hurt but she had made a commitment to attend the reunion and she wanted to keep it.  So she went and said her piece. She addressed what she believed was a severe case of bullying on that trip.”

After the dreaded trip to Costa Mexico, Alexis was at odds with everyone on the show…except for one unexpected ally.  The insider reveals “Vicki [Gunvalson] really had her back.  They’ve developed a pretty strong friendship at this point. Off-camera, I know they’ve been hanging out quite a bit lately.”  That is quite the turn around from last season when Vicki took every opportunity to mock Alexis.  Of course, why am I surprised?  These women change alliances as much as they change their underwear…and I do hope they change their underwear.  Who am I kidding?  I hope the wear underwear.

That said, no one should find it shocking that her friendship with former biffle Gretchen Rossi is less than stellar, especially given Gretchen’s recent allegiance with former nemesis (and Alexis basher) Tamra Barney.  Of Alexis’ dealings with Gretchen, the source admits, “Their relationship is pretty strained. At this point, I don’t know if it will recover.”  Wait, did you hear that?  I could have sworn I heard the almost undetectable sound of Jim Bellino smiling.  Can you blame him?

Speaking of Jim, he may want to focus more on his wife’s current turmoil…it would be simpler than giving into her newest request. The babies.

The pair has twin daughters and a son, James, but Alexis tells, “I am begging Jim for one more!  It’s an on-going battle between us.”

While it appears to be a point of contention between the couple, Alexis says that she’s “extremely blessed” with her “three little munchkins,” citing,“I’m happy either way!”  And let’s be honest (and I’m not judging…to each his or her own), but it’s clearly Jim’s choice.  We all saw the puppies and princesses party for the twins…Jim seems happy with the children he has. I’m putting my money on there being no more babies for the Bellinos.

Speaking of puppies, Alexis tells the site, “You’d better believe, if I do not get one more baby I will be adopting a teacup chihuahua!”

Alexis also recently opened up to about her battle with postpartum depression.  Having had friends who seriously struggled with postpartum, I am not going to touch her revelation with a ten-foot-pole.  It’s nothing to joke about.  However, I have a feeling Peggy Tanous is feeling very vindicated at the moment.  That’s not to say Alexis didn’t suffer from it.  I just think that maybe she and Peggy should still be friends given how much they continue to have in common.

Alexis did open up on the same episode (puppies and princesses) about her scary experience delivering twin daughters Melania and Mackenna. The O.C. star suffered a pulmonary embolism and had to spend five days in the hospital.  Alexis recalls, “They were born at 34 weeks.  Their mom almost passed away.”  By “their mom” she means herself.  Third person references always confuse me…unless you’re the Queen.


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