Kris Humphries Accuses Kim and Kris J of Staging Sex Tape! Lamar To Get A New Job? Plus Khloe’s Fertility Struggles To Be On Reality TV?

The increasingly vitriolic divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will seemingly never end. Oh, well – at least it’s interesting as they drag each other through the mud with ever-escalating crazy!

In the latest Kris is apparently accusing Kris Jenner and Kim of staging her sex tape to make her famous. Hot on the heels of Kim telling Oprah that she was embarrassed of the tape and had no intention of it entering the public eye all while admitting it benefited her career, Kris H is allegedly told possible ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj that the Kardashians staged the whole thing.

In text messages Kris allegedly sent to Myla (according to her!) shortly after his divorce – which Kim is hoping to release to the public – Kris reportedly trashed the K-fam and accused Kris J of directing Kim in her sex tape! And, even worse, demanding Kim re-shoot scenes because it didn’t make her look attractive enough! Ok, ew to the millionth power.


Sources from Kamp K insist that Kris is lying about the status of the sex tape and that Madame Jenner, pimpmomager extraordinaire, had nothing to do with its inception. Did I mention it recently came out that Kris J let a fourteen-year-old Kim be sexually active?

K Kamp also says Kim never discussed the tape with Kris H because she was afraid of him judging her for being a complete skank and that this just proves that Kris is desperate and delusional. From one desperate and delusional soul to another, I suppose!

According to TMZ, Myla plans on sharing these texts which she conveniently saved with Kim‘s attorney during her deposition. Myla was subpoenaed by Kim’s attorney. And apparently the spurned Myla has much more dirt to spill. A source reveals that Myla also has messages where Kris allegedly said she was the love of his life and he was hoping to get his divorce over with quickly so they could be together for the rest of their lives. Sounds dubious to me, but whatever.

Apparently in several messages, Kris states he had “moved on” from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. Which is a good thing considering, you know, she filed for divorce! Apparently Kris started hooking up with? dating? Myla in January – a mere four months after Kim filed.

Kris has opened up a case with the FBI accusing Myla of an extortion attempt and of lying about the state of their relationship. Myla has fought back, threatening a defamation lawsuit. However if Myla’s deposition is as explosive as the media is reporting it to be it could negatively affect Kris’ annulment case, as it is built around the idea that Kim defrauded him and that he was emotionally destroyed by the divorce.

Moving on Lamar Odom may have just found himself another job! Since getting fired from the Dallas Mavericks and retiring from reality TV, Lamar has been trying to reclaim his former glory on the NBA courts – without relocating his wife!

RadarOnline is reporting that Lamar is in talks with the LA Clippers which means the co-dependent and famewhoring Khloe Kardashian won’t have to leave the Kardashian Lair and can remain in LA.

Lamar‘s agent is in talks with the Clippers,” a source close to Lamar reveals. “He and Khloe are thrilled that he’ll be returning to the team and that they will get to stay in LA and be close to their families.” Lamar began his NBA career with the team and played with them until 2003.

Lamar wants to return to Los Angeles and the Clippers want him,” the source adds. “They just need to work out finances and contractual issues.”

Khloe wants to be near her own family when she and Lamar start their family and this new job for him will make that all happen so easily,” the source dishes. “She was happy to move to Dallas and would move anywhere for Lamar, but having him on a team in LA is a dream come true.” Reportedly Khloe recently visited a Beverly Hills fertility clinic to get blood work and figure out a customized fertility plan.

Khloe has been adamant that she has not sought fertility services in the past and the couple has refrained from discussing it on their various reality shows, but apparently all that is about to change! Khloe and Lamar are allegedly in the process of filming their fertility struggle – no word on what show will feature the latest Kardashian drama.

As for their reasons for changing their mind about opening up about the issue, “It’s been such a painful struggle. Khloe is just dying to be a mum,” an insider tells DailyMail.

Well be on the look-out for yet another Kardashian reality move! *sigh* You know what, I actually hope it all works out for them. They’ve had a rough year and hopefully things will look up for the couple.