Following last week’s explosive friendship breakdown on Real Housewives of New Jersey, it’s hard to imagine things could get any worse!

With the constant mudslinging in the press and the bravo blogs, the ladies never seem to come for air. Teresa Giudice expressed her fury at Jacqueline Laurita last week after Jacqueline insinuated Teresa should just move past Melissa Gorga and her brother Joey Gorga joining the cast. Well, Reality Tea’s source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Teresa can’t forgive and forget – because her parents haven’t gotten over it!

Additionally, our source shares more information about how Teresa‘s friendships started to fall apart – both with ladies on the show and off – as a result of her dishonesty about what is going in her life.


Not only that our source tells us EXCLUSIVELY the reason why Teresa‘s parents moved out of the house Joey owned. “Joe Gorga ‘sold’ his parents house because he had to. He mortgaged that house several times to keep up with his own home’s expenses,” our source shares. “He always takes care of his parents though. He is a good son.”

Teresa did want to have her parents move over the garage Joe was building. Teresa’s parents didn’t want to be that close to the drama. It is true what Joe Gorga said, ‘they are like their nannies.’ Teresa’s parents are much more a part of Teresa’s life than their son’s life.”

“They are disappointed with their son that he made this decision to be on the show, but he is their son. Melissa on the other hand, they blame her and do not forgive her. Their parents don’t even watch the show but, Teresa keeps them updated with the BS that goes on with Melissa.”

As for Teresa‘s friendships, our source reveals that once Teresa started focusing on the fame she started isolating them. And,  as can be expected, Teresa is all about keeping up appearances! “There were some people who were ‘real’ friends of Teresa’s, who would ask her how she was and she would always say ‘everything is fine,'” our source explains.

Jacq is one of them. She really loved Teresa and cared for her well being,” our source asserts, claiming Teresa no longer has real friends.

“But, Teresa was never honest with Jacqueline. Teresa would sell all these horrible stories, the local newspapers were reporting every move they made, and everyone was talking about them,” our source reveals.

“It’s not that people are ‘obsessed’ with them but, they were living such a lie. Who wants to be friends with people who lie to them? Teresa is all about image. She doesn’t care about relationships – she cares about IMAGE!”

As for the producer intervention – aka why the cast is always discussing Teresa‘s tabloid activities – our source confirms what we have long suspected; the show is demanding it be discussed on camera for a storyline. “Bravo is the one who made them all talk about these magazines. Again, the show is scripted to some degree.”

“Believe me, these people don’t just sit around talking about Teresa‘s magazine stories,” our source shares. Adding,”Teresa DOES get paid for her InTouch [covers].” An editor from In Touch Weekly confirmed that Teresa received compensation for her cover when she issued apologies to her castmates.

Our source believes when Joe Giudice goes to prison – and according to the District Attorney he will serve some time – it will be a reality check (and not a reality check by Bravo) for Teresa who will suddenly be confronted with the consequences of her actions.

“That is going to be beyond a wake up call for her,” our source believes. “Teresa will ‘need’ the support of real friends but, she would rather protect her IMAGE then her own mental state and her children.”

Our source reiterates what many have said, that Joe is a good man but is at a very low time in his life. “You only see the Joe who has been through the worst of the worst but, the core of Joe Giudice loves his family.”

Moving on, tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The fallout from Jacqueline and Teresa‘s fight continues as Jacqueline is confronted with the realization that she and Teresa cannot rekindle their friendship. Also, Melissa reveals an important detail about the past!

A preview of tonight’s episode is below.

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight on Bravo at 9/10c.

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