Tonight, dear readers, you're in for a treat – it's the motherload of Real Housewives of New Jersey posts! We've got it all, but most of all we've got salacious and gory EXCLUSIVES about whose living a lie on national TV. That would be all of them. Oh, we've also got more Caroline Manzo acting like a bulldog. It wouldn't be RHONJ without that!

First up, last week Melissa Gorga hosted a beautiful birthday party for her daughter Antonia. We all saw Melissa getting beautified for a six-year-old's birthday party and then strapping on her best hoochie heels. Melissa admitted that her daughter's parties are always a "lavish" affair.

Are they lavish enough for Kennedy Caroline Armstrong? Likely not. Watching from home, you know Kennedy was thinking "That bitch can't touch me. I had a mother effing horse."

Anyway, our source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Melissa only throws parties for her daughter and that her Joe Gorga's parents weren't even invited to the party! Is that because it wasn't anywhere near Antonia's real birthday? 

"Antonia's party was just for the cameras," our source shares. "Melissa never throws her kids big parties. Her boys have never even had a birthday party. The baby had no 1st birthday and no 2nd birthday party! Not even cake at the house," our source assures us.



Despite Joe telling Melissa she is "too expensive," Antonia's party "really was a very simple party with some blow ups. Melissa wants everyone to think she has this lavish life and lavish parties and that is not the case." But she has a full hair and make-up team…

"As far as Antonia's party most of the vendors weren't paid vendors. In Melissa's blog, she stated she 'hired' a photographer. The photographer, the henna tattoo artist, and the bakery who supplied the cake & cupcakes all gave their services and products. They were not paid."

As for the missing Gorga grandparents – they weren't there because their invitation got lost in the mail apparently. "Melissa's mother and aunts were there but, her in-laws were not. They weren't invited!" Oops.

Our source also discusses the talk we saw Melissa and sister-in-law from hell Teresa Giudice having. While the two seemed to be making amends and working towards resolution, as we all know – it didn't happen. "Melissa and Teresa were still ripping each other apart at the time you see them 'tying to make it work,'" our source reveals.

"Neither Teresa or Melissa ever had a desire to make things better and let the past be the past. Melissa loves things the way they are, she is finally #1! Joe was all about his sister and that used to make Melissa nuts!"

Melissa is not the only one who is a jelly, jelly bean. Teresa is, of course, beside herself with wrath over Melissa's popularity and fame. And that rift is family wide – and not going anywhere!

"Teresa's parents spend a lot of time at Teresa's shore house, not at Melissa and Joey's house. Again, they do what they have to do but they don't want to be around Melissa and her family."

"As bad as Teresa is and all the nonsense she has pulled, what Melissa and Joey did will always stand out as the worst thing someone could do to a family member," our source explains.

"They joined the show when Bravo was out specifically casting for people who would shake Teresa's world. Yes, Teresa was flat out jealous of Melissa having fame but, betrayal is the real root of Teresa’s evil spiral this season."

And in order to combat her negative relationship with her Gorga sister-in-law Teresa has gotten very close to husband Joe Giudice's family – especially his sister Maria Fazliu. Maria also has four daughters. Teresa posted a photo of her and Maria at the Jersey Shore last weekend. That photo is below.

 Nice matching swimsuits. Is Maria copying Teresa?! [Photo Credit: Teresa Giudice’s Twitter]

"Teresa is very close to Maria. Maria used to be friends with Melissa as well but, after she joined the show and pretty much tore a family apart, Maria no longer speaks to her or any of that family." In fact all the Giudices have shunned Melissa and her family after they joined the show. We saw that at the christening last season.

"Melissa's sister accused Maria's mother of pulling her hair at the Christening. That didn't sit well with the Giudice side at all," our source shares. "Maria is as loyal as it gets when it comes to family. She has and always will stand by her brother and his family."

"If Joe does go to jail, Maria and her husband will be there for Teresa and the kids. Family is the most important thing to Maria and she means it and lives her life by it."

Moving on, it seems Teresa is actively trying to stay involved in RHONJ despite the angst and turmoil it has caused her personally. The NY Post reports that Teresa has plans to meet with Andy Cohen and Bravo execs to negotiate a contract for season 5 – even though a fifth season hasn't been announced yet.
And Teresa has some serious demands. More marble for her bathroom?
Teresa doesn’t want to wait till the last minute to negotiate her contract,” a source close to the show reveals. “She wants the job, and she’s nervous about waiting.”
Teresa believes following her successful stint on Celebrity Apprentice and her fan following gives her some leverage. I thought she wanted a spinoff?
In response, a Bravo rep said: “There’s been no official announcement about season five yet.”
Finally, Caroline has been on a warpath all season over Teresa. And some of it is well-deserved, but some of it definitely seems harsh. Proving that she still hasn't let go of her anger, Caroline recently confessed that she hasn't patched things up with Teresa – and the two are not speaking!
“I speak to everybody but Teresa," Caroline told Access Hollywood Live. And Caroline has no intention of changing that even though the RHONJ reunion is filming next month. Although, Caroline promises things will be more peaceful this year. Why do I not believe her?
“I’ll be cordial," Caroline insists, but she does admit she's prepared for a showdown. “I’m getting my hazmat gear ready,” Caroline laughed. Caroline assures us things won't get physical though. “All we’re gonna do is yell,” she dished. “We’re not going to go beyond that.”
Well, errrr… I can't wait. I should start stocking up on the wine now, shouldn't I?
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