Taylor Armstrong is forever causing drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Doesn’t she have better things to do, like multi-level market some diet program?

Anyway, in the latest instance of Taylor’s drunken out-of-control messiness she supposedly ruined yet another of Lisa Vanderpump‘s tea parties with her histrionic drama seeking. And, of course, it was all fueled by alcohol. Apparently Lisa wanted to invite the ladies to tea so they could have a polite chat about the incidents that happened on a recent cast trip to Las Vegas. But it ended up being anything but polite!

RadarOnline reports that poor maligned Taylor showed up, got boozy and belligerent, and drama ensued.


“As usual, there were epic meltdowns in Las Vegas and lots of hurt feelings. Taylor arrived at the tea party and just had an enormous chip on her shoulder and proceeded to get extremely intoxicated,” a source shares.

Taylor was in everyone’s face, blithering on and on in utter nonsense. The tea party was an absolute disaster and did nothing to cool the ladies down. If anything, it just seemed to drive a wedge between them. Lisa will defend Brandi [Glanville], no matter how ridiculous or cruel she is being,” the insider reveals.

Following the second epic tea party meltdown, Taylor “ultimately decided she had no interest in going with the ladies to Paris. She just feels they pick on her for no reason,” the insider adds.

Taylor is over the drama, and is tired of the ladies judging her.” Important to note that while the other ladies traveled to Paris, Taylor was at her MLM party with 20,000 of her BFFs to announce her personal wellness challenge.

That’s not the only RHOBH storm brewing on the horizon. And Taylor is not the only person causing problems. Adrienne Maloof reportedly skipped the cast trip to Paris because she feels Lisa and Brandi are ganging up on her and she was scared to be trapped with them in a foreign country. Say what? Doesn’t she have some Vegas bodyguards she can deploy?

Adrienne opted “not to go to Paris because she just didn’t want to be in a foreign country with Lisa and Brandi. Brandi has been picking fights with Adrienne, and she was just completely over the drama,” a source discloses to RadarOnline.

The bullying has escalated so much, Adrienne pulled a Camille Grammer and got her legal team involved! Say what? “It got so bad, that Adrienne had her lawyer send a cease and desist letter to Brandi because of the outrageous things she was saying. Brandi was way out of bounds, and now she has been saying that Adrienne is suing her,” the insider continues.

Adrienne‘s lawyer only sent a cease and desist letter. Brandi had to discuss that with everyone and embellish the facts, and Adrienne is beyond frustrated with the situation.”

Apparently Brandi isn’t acting unprovoked – she has a silent partner in the nasty.

Lisa “has been encouraging Brandi to fight with Adrienne. Brandi doesn’t see that she is being used by Lisa to go after Adrienne,” the insider insists.

Lisa is a smart cookie because she never gets her hands dirty, and has Brandi do all of her dirty work. Brandi is more than happy to oblige because she will be featured on Lisa’s Bravo spin-off show, Sur.” Hmmm…well that all sounds petty and pathetic. Are these grown women or is this a Lifetime movie about peer pressure? Heathers, anyone?