PHOTO: Alexis Bellino Cuts Her Hair Short; Gretchen Rossi Accuses Her Of Copying!

Today in the real life of eighth graders Alexis Bellino decides to remove her extensions cut her hair short after years of Barbie locks and Gretchen Rossi insists Alexis is a copycat because she got a short haircut first! And everybody knows Gretchen is the only person in the history of the world who has ever gotten a haircut, right?! Nevermind that their hair cuts actually look nothing alike except for the blondeness. Minor details!

Alexis took to Facebook and Twitter to exclaim about her new bob and I think it looks absolutely adorable. “The NEW me! I’m SO happy! I’ve wanted to do this cut for over a year and after last season nothing scares me! Ha!,” Alexis jubilantly wrote on her Facebook Page. A photo is below!

Sadly, because this is Real Housewives of Orange County no one can be happy for her and almost immediately Gretchen hopped on twitter to retweet a bunch of comments suggesting Alexis pulled a “single white female” and stole her hairstyle. But not Slave Smiley, right?


Doesn’t Gretchen have better things to do than talk about former BFF Alexis? Like sell Gretchen Christine Bootay perhaps? Apparently not!

In fact, a quick perusal through Gretchen’s twitter feed demonstrates that she re-tweeted a ton of comments similar to the ones below about people copying her and stealing her ideas. We all know she holds the patent on removing extensions, right?! Gretchen seriously needs help. That makeup must really be eating her brain. Note to self: Stay away from Aqua Net.


I’m sorry… are these grown women we’re talking about? I didn’t know hair length of all things mattered that much. To her credit, Alexis seemed to laugh off the negativity instead exclaiming about how much she loved her hair and claiming Jim Bellino wanted her to go even shorter. She then joked about the so-called copying accusations.

By the way Tamra Barney also got a haircut and she got lowlights too! I’m sure Alexis also copied that! Cause no one else does that, like, ever! These ladies spend too much time on twitter! Photos of Gretchen’s very different short hairstyle (that is equally cute!) and Tamra’s new hair are below.

Just for the record, I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair cut for months and it’s because I totally idolize Gretchen and want to do everything she does.

If Gretchen wants to hear about some SWF action, she needs to call up Brandi Glanville and get an ear full about LeAnn Rimes.


Alexis with her new hair cut. Cute, no? And much less Jesus Barbie! I approve.  [Photo Credit: Facebook]

A shot of Gretchen’s shorter do. Also cute. I’m afraid of what she and Kyle Richards may be up to… [Photo Credit: Facebook]

Another shot of Gretchen’s hair. [Photo Credit: Facebook]

“lowlights” Tamra’s new hair. I love it too! Much softer and younger. [Photo Credit: Twitter]