Ok – so this morning I made a trip down to Anderson Live where I was the guest live-blogger of the day. Which is awesome. Kellie Pickler, who is cute as a button and sweet as tea, was the co-host with Anderson. She could not be more adorable, more gracious, or more kind to the fans. 

Kellie spent every break walking around the audience engaging with people, talking about life, and just being awesome. I snagged a super secret photo of her being sweet and that is below. Shhh…don't tell Anderson's producers. #instagram

Also, Kellie is itty-bitty in real-life and she proudly displayed her newly shaved head, which looks fantastic (and she does have a perfectly round head). She seems 100% genuine and down-to-earth. Unlike some of Anderson's reality star guests who I'll get to in a minute. 

So, now for the news you've all been waiting for: Teresa Giudice! As you know she was the other guest. And since Real Housewives of New Jersey has dominated my life for what has now been the last six months I was super SUPER excited to meet the lady, the myth, the legend in the flesh. 



My first Tre-sperience was backstage. Her dressing room was RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. to mine (and way fancier but not as fancy as Anderson's!) Teresa strutted by with her glam squad wearing HUGE, fantastic, totally envy-inducing 7" platform snakeskin stilettos and an otherwise super buttoned-up dress. 

Teresa's voice sounds exactly like it does on the show, which sort of delighted me, and she was chit-chatting away with producers while I franticly tried to eavesdrop. I was desperate to take an incognito photo, but I'm not fast enough when confronted with serious footwear. Yes – I was wearing uber high heels as well. 

The show begins and after the fifteen minute news round-up  – in which it was revealed that Kellie and I share a serious coffee addiction #love and that Anderson (who gets up at like 4am everyday) only drank coffee for the first time last year – out waltzed Mrs. Juicy herself. Oh – and by the way I did not see Juicy on the premises. 

So Teresa sits down, Anderson fires up a clip of the reunion where Teresa accuses Caroline Manzo of having a tummy-tuck (which she finally admits to after lying about it for three seasons)! And Anderson calls Teresa out on being mean and wonders why she is so vitriolic? Teresa is in full-defense mode; claiming we didn't see what happened before that where she was attacked.

Teresa also insists the other four women were attacking her. Kellie is pretty much silent – her eyes were like watching pingpong. I'm pretty sure in her mind she was clicking her heels together and wishing: 'no place like home, no place like home…' She knows not to poke a viper. Just drink your coffee and smile, madame. 

I was super worried Anderson was going to get a table flipped on him, but alas no such Bravo-style drama.

I have to hand it to Anderson; he's honest, upfront, and he doesn't shy away from telling people what he thinks. He also asked Teresa if she reached out to Jacqueline Laurita when she learned of her son's autism diagnosis. Teresa says she sent a text, which was all she could muster in light of what happened between the two former besties.  THEN Teresa accuses Jacqueline of stalking her via text message, saying she's ready to contact the police because she is being harassed and threatened. Aahhh…here's the RHONJ I've been looking for. 

BTW: Jacqueline confronted these allegations on twitter, and denies them – adding texts to substantiate she was not 'harassing' Teresa. Do you believe her?

Anderson is all like 'no excuses' and I'm sorry – can he PUH-LEASE replace his buddy Andy Cohen and host these reunions? Maybe just a portion?

So that was d-to-the-rama! It all leads Anderson to wonder if reality TV is going too far? Yes – yes it is, but you didn't hear it from me – I have bills to pay! 😉 

Afterwards I was whisked to the Anderson Live Photobooth where I met Mrs. Juicy and got to take a photo! Observations: Teresa was not happy. Teresa was obviously steaming over Anderson's questions. Teresa did not want to take a photo. Teresa's heels are higher than I initially thought. Teresa looks exactly like she does on TV. Teresa has Tammy Faye Baker eyelashes.

Teresa wanted to get. out. of. there as fast as her heels could carry her! And that was that. No more Teresa, but alas! A photo – she looks cute and I look like I'm about to burst out laughing because I seriously need a posing coach. Help me out Melissa Gorga

Oh – and everyone got a Fabulicious cookbook! Free! Woot, woot. By the way, Teresa confronted spinoff rumors and confirms she wants her own show, but she wants a cooking show and not one that focuses on her family. I think that would be a very, very wise move on her part! 

Back to the show! Since Kelsey Grammer's latest diatribe against Camille Grammer was taped yesterday, Anderson shot the breeze with the audience instead. And here's what happened. A serious Tre-fanatic (who you will see a clip of on the show wearing a bright green shirt) yelled out that Anderson was mean to her. Anderson was disappointed that he possibly hurt Mrs. Juicy's feelings and wondered what the audience thought. 


Anderson felt really bad, but explained that he feels Teresa is mean and doesn't take accountability for her actions – ever. Anyone who watches the show can pretty much see that! The Tre-fan was not having it – he was adamant that Anderson was biased and unfair – and even go to say so on camera. Anderson should have let ME talk RHONJ on camera. Afterall, I am the expert!

Anderson admitted that watching RHONJ has become too depressing for him and he doesn't watch it too much anymore. The same goes for Real Housewives of New York, apparently. He admitted he prefers NeNe Leakes! Anderson did reveal that he felt everyone on RHONJ is pretty mean to each other though. 

Then Anderson basically talked about his life. He was open, honest, and friendly. He took questions from the audience, talked about how he got started in journalism, how he has a hard time getting over things, about his mom's art show, and who he prefers to interview (average people). He was great! He is great. 

After the show, I got to go hang out in the Anderson Live Photo Booth with Anderson and we took goofball photos while talking RHONJ! Cause that's all anyone cares about anyway. I told him I didn't think he was mean to Teresa -that sometimes people need to be called out, but that I thought Caroline deserves equal amount of flack for not taking accountability and being mean. He said he'd think about it. 

All in all, my second time at Anderson Cooper Live was even more fun than the first. The producers are awesome, the crew is awesome, the make-up and hair people are awesome – and Anderson is awesome! Except next time I come back (and you know you want me Team Anderson) you should let me talk on camera about reality TV. I mean, afterall – I am kind of a big deal. And I know sort of like a lot, a lot. 😉 

Some photos from my experiences are below! 



Oldskool! Me with Anderson at the '04 political debate coverage. Ugh… was I really wearing a polo shirt? #growingpains

Guerilla photography at work – it's the adorable Kellie Pickler!

Hair & Make-up! Can I have professionals do me up everyday? Maybe I should be on a reality show? Or Anderson could hire me… 

And now… a slideshow of me talking RHONJ with the SilverFox himself. I imagine Andy's life is like this everyday. #jealous.

Author's Note: Quotes embellished for dramatic effect and comedic enjoyment, but we really did talk about RHONJ and how Caroline is just as bad as Teresa